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Honest talking.

ED Miliband deserves credit for having the courage to admit mistakes made under the previous regime.

His utterances on the Iraq war may not have gone down well with everyone - including his brother - but it needed to be said.

This issue above all others divided the party and the country, leading to the loss of so many lives of soldiers sent to war by the politicians.

Politicians will gain so much more respect if they stop speaking with forked tongue, follow the courage of their convictions and, crucially, work together for the good of the country whatever their political persuasion.

Just as it is too early to make a true judgement of David Cameron as Prime Minister so it is ludicrous to pass judgement on Labour's new leader just three days into his tenure.

Of course it was a speech which lacked substance when it comes to policy, but it was more about letting people in the hall and the wider country find a bit more about him.

One consequence of the leadership contest looks likely to see David Miliband step out of the frontline.

That would be a great shame. As well as being a good constituency MP he was the most impressive of ministers.

The country needs politicians with the talent of David Miliband, irrespective of their political hue.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2010
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