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Honest Ian. (reader forum).

After reading your interview with Sir Ian McKellen, I have even greater respect for the man ["The Knight's Crusade," December 25]. He blows closeted Hollywood stars' primary excuses for not coming out totally out of the water. I only hope to live my life with the same honesty that he has since coming out. Keep speaking out, Ian!

Lou Smith, via the Internet

McKellen's bold statements on various gay issues provide a serious injection of reality for gays--to be proud, to strive to overcome social intolerance, and to realize the impact we can have on society.

McKellen truly personifies the openly gay actor who can still make an audience believe any character he portrays. He is an excellent ambassador for our community!

Walter Parada, San Francisco, Calif.
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Feb 5, 2002
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