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Homosexuality and the clergy.

Arlington, VA -- On November 15, 2004, The Washington Times published a very long article "Silenced priest warns of gay crisis". This article is worthy of a brief summary, which follows.

On November 15, the American bishops began their annual business meeting, and it was rumoured that they were going to declare the clerical abuse crisis to be under control. But Fr. James Haley, 48, says that the true source of the crisis is a priesthood that is "honeycombed" with homosexual clerics. One example is his diocese of Arlington, Virginia. After Fr. Haley tried to convince his bishop of this, Arlington Bishop Paul Laverde ordered him to keep silent, Oct. 23, 2001. Since that time the Vatican has conducted three hearings in an ecclesiastical court about this matter and scheduled a fourth hearing in conjunction with the bishops' annual meeting. However, this fourth hearing was cancelled within 24 hours of being announced.

Fr. Haley claims that homosexual priests are at the root of the sexual-abuse crisis. 81% of the victims involve male teenagers younger than 18. He also claims that the Catholic priesthood is demoralized by groups of homosexual clergy who control admissions to the seminary and which men get nominated for bishop or get the large parishes. He estimates that 60% of Arlington's diocesan priests are homosexual; he has tapes, videos, photographs, email letters, and documents to prove it. He has already given notice about clergy who later resigned.

Bishop Laverde has charged Fr. Haley with talking to the press, and has turned over the case to the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Despite this, several priests and laity think highly of Fr. Haley. They have demonstrated outside the bishop's chancery, sent Fr. Haley letters of support, contributed money to help to pay his legal costs, and set up a supportive web site: Fr. Haley says: "There's a point where you have to put your faith on the line. You have to put your life at risk. I am willing to die for this. I am willing to stand up for the truth. Some day, this will all come out. The abuse scandal will seem small compared to this."
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