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Homosexuality and society.

I disagree with Professor Andrew Horn of Harvard University's view on homosexuality (Letters, NA, May). He is right to distinguish between what is natural and traditional behaviour, but homosexuality does not fit in either category. I also disagree vehemently with his comparison of homophobia, racism and ethnic exclusion.

Homosexuality is neither a natural nor traditional phenomenon among any class of animals anywhere in the world. The natural order is sex between a male and a female, and the tradition is no different either. There is no scientific evidence to the contrary, except that which has been fabricated to appease the demands of the gay rights movement. Homosexuality is man's experiment with all things gone too far, such as trans-sexualism and male pregnancy, which has nothing to do with nature. Any effort to rationalise it is nothing other than an attempt to appease some people.

Again, homosexuality does not fit into any known tradition--European, American, Asian or African--because in all these societies and cultures, the traditional values and way of life are those of families formed between males and females, out of which procreation occurs.

Regarding homophobia, Prof Horn could not be more wrong in his comparison and view. I personally believe people have every reason to be afraid when they see people of the same gender involved in sexual relationships. I am of the opinion that homosexuals should not be physically attacked or abused, but should be corrected, because they are wrong. Politicians, including social conservatives, have altered their view on this subject, simply because they want to win marginal votes, instead of calling a spade by its name.

The complicity of the church in this, especially the Anglican Church, is a scandal. Their real motive in flouting God's word, however, is to retain membership, in order not to lose revenues. The church has lost its moral authority in so doing.

Isaac Nokwabuor

London, UK
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Title Annotation:READERS' VIEWS
Author:Nokwabuor, Isaac
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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