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Homosexual propaganda in movies.

Hollywood -- Europe does it worse, but Hollywood won't let up either. Having desensitized us to their satisfaction regarding heterosexual sex, Hollywood now sees fit to propagate the love that won't speak its name as often and as robustly as possible.

A recent release exhibiting this trend is the would-be blockbuster Alexander, director Oliver Stone's take on the life of Alexander 0the Great. Reputed to be bisexual, the conquering hero is shown in a same-sex embrace with a Persian eunuch.

The horror-fantasy Seed of Chucky, the latest adventure of a serial-killing slasher doll, focuses on his offspring--a child with no genitalia. Gender confusion thus takes the stage. Director Don Mancini, who is a homosexual, perhaps figures that we may be getting bored with gore and regular "gay" sex.

In the lead-up to Christmas, along came Kinsey. Based on the life of the biologist whose published work helped kick off the sexual revolution in North America, the great dissembler is here portrayed by Irish actor Liam Neeson, a lapsed Catholic. Despite the fact that Kinsey's work, in both methodology and results, has long since been discredited, the movie is getting rave reviews. The fact that this man dabbled in homosexuality and wife-swapping seems to be no impediment to critical acclaim,. (See article on Kinsey elsewhere in this edition.)

There is also a paedophiliac connection to Kinsey's work, relating to how he obtained statistics for his results; it is doubtful if the movie will explore this (Files from Globe & Mail, Nov. 13; Nat. Post, Nov. 8, 2004).

Nota bene:

For the third straight year, Planned Parenthood, the America's No. 1 abortion provider, is selling greeting cards with the holiday message, "Choice on Earth."

Do not buy! Return card to sender on reception.
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