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Homosexual activists disrupt Pentecost Mass.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN--Homosexual activists associated with the so-called Rainbow Sash group demonstrated during a Pentecost Mass at St. Paul's Cathedral on June 4, 2006. After being denied Communion, they consumed fragments of a host distributed by a man not wearing a sash, who had received one. Chaos broke out, with ushers threatening to call police. The Mass continued, however, and the incident ended peacefully.

The incident mirrored one that occurred at the same church last year, when the situation degenerated into something of a free-for-all, with sash wearers attempting to pluck Communion off plates and a demonstrator distributing broken bits of the host to cohorts.

In the past, Rainbow Sash has lauded the Archbishop of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Harry Flynn, along with Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Bishop Mathew Clark of Rochester, N.Y. and retired Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton of Detroit, for being church leaders particularly friendly to their demands.

In 2005, Archbishop Flynn grudgingly acquiesced to Vatican statements not to administer Communion to homosexual activists. He claimed previously that the Vatican had never asked him to change his policy of allowing these activists to receive Communion, as if that were a requirement before a bishop decides to protect the Blessed Sacrament from abuse.

In reality, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, made it clear in a December, 2004 television interview, that,

"These Rainbow Sash people are really saying, 'We are homosexuals, we intend to remain so and we want to receive Holy Communion.' The Catechism of the Catholic Church ... says it is not condemning a person for having a homosexual tendency. We don't condemn anybody for that. But a person stands condemned for acting on it."

He then said such individuals must be refused Communion if they do not repent.

Rainbow Sash has called Pope Benedict XVI a "homophobe" and a liar, and stages publicity stunts daring Catholic clergy to deny them Communion.
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