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Homosexual "marriage" in Canada. (Insider Report).

On June 17th, "The Canadian cabinet approved a new national policy ... to open marriage to gay couples, paving the way for Canada to become the third country to allow same-sex unions," reported the New York Times. This decision came a week after the highest appellate court in the province of Ontario ruled that Canada's federal marriage laws are discriminatory and thus unconstitutional.

"You have to look at history as an evolution of society," insisted Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien following the cabinet meeting. "According to the interpretation of the courts these unions should be legal in Canada. We will ensure that our legislation includes and legally recognizes the union of same-sex couples."

"The policy opens the way for same-sex couples from the United States and around the world to travel [to Canada] to marry, since Canada has no marriage residency requirements," commented the Times. "In addition, gay-rights advocates in the United States are already declaring that Canada will serve as a vivid example to Americans that same-sex marriage is workable and offers no challenge to traditional heterosexual family life."
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Date:Jul 14, 2003
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