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Homing Bird Poo Makes Landing on Ashley Young's Mouth [VIDEO].

Louis van Gaal's new reign began on a sour note but nothing could taste sourer than the mouth of Ashley Young.

During the Red Devil's loss to Swansea City, Young was minding his own business when the cameras captured vividly a homing poo taking a direct hit on the mouth of the Manchester United player. Some would mistake it at first as saliva but the trajectory of the foreign object could not be mistaken for other than the unmistakable poo. A high resolution close-up of the heavy bombing reveals it.

Wait. Is that bird poop?!! ( (

- SB Nation (@SBNation) ( August 17, 2014

( The Independent reports that some would say that this would be a form of good luck but still, the Red Devils lost. With the likes of Luke Shaw and Robin van Persie sidelined, they could not come ahead of a 2-1 defeat. Van Gaal must be looking at alternatives to recover from the first loss of the Premier League season.

So is Young, who graced the covers of internet memes, in unspectacular fashion. Maybe, he's somewhere now putting all the toothpaste in the world in his mouth to remove the aftertaste of it all, no not the loss but that icky white substance. Well, it is fertilizer after all and maybe, just maybe, that will do the trick of growing new hope in the Red Devil's season.

To watch the adding of poo into injury of the Red Devils, watch below:

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/HD93LV)

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Date:Aug 18, 2014
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