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Hometown Sarasota.

Hometown Sarasota

As Sarasota lunges headfirst toward the 21st century, it's more important than ever to slow down a little and pay our respects to some of the people and places that give our community its hometown style and spirit.

Like the Waffle Shop. Elvis ate here. What more recommendation could a restaurant possibly need? It's a genuine Mel's Diner kind of place. Sit with a cup of coffee and people-watch. Deceptively bland at first, but after a while you start noticing things -- the regulars who come in every day for the sausage gravy over biscuits, the waitresses who call you "Honey," the editor of the Herald Tribune having lunch by himself in a corner, the retired circus performers who walk over from the trailer park. They write plays about places like this. A case in point -- two key scenes from A Flash of Green were shot here. And best of all is the food -- classic diner cuisine done to perfection.

That's Sandi Thompson at the counter, with her collection of clippings and autographs. She started out as a waitress and now manages the place. Drop by some time and she'll point out the stool where the King ate an order of bacon and eggs back in 1957. You also might want to sign the petition. It seems the Waffle Shop is having a dispute with the city over its sign. Currently removed, it doesn't meet the new regulations. Save the Sign, we say -- and we think Elvis would agree. The Waffle Shop, 660 S. Washington Blvd., 955-1456.

PHOTO : Sandi Thompson of the Waffle Shop; (inset) Elvis sat here.
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Author:Plunket, Robert; Frawley, Janis R.
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Date:May 1, 1990
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