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Homesteading at any age.

I've been getting Mother Earth News for a couple of years and look forward to future issues of this wonderful magazine. I was really struck by the letter from Vicki of Okmulgee, Oklahoma (Dear Mother, December 2016/January 2017). I'm hoping to someday find a bit of land; build my own tiny, energy-efficient house; and have some chickens, perhaps some sheep, and maybe even a horse.

This dream can't happen until I'm in my 60s, when I fear my age will be a drawback. It wasn't until I read Vicki's letter that I realized, yes, some people do start this kind of thing late in life. Can you perhaps run an article on how other older readers are managing? It would be very encouraging to us late bloomers. Thank you for so much great reading!

Lucinda Grover

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lucinda, you're not alone in your thinking. You can read "Aging Gracefully on the Homestead" on Page 34 to see what others are doing to stay comfortable on their homesteads as the years add up.--MOTHER


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Title Annotation:EDITORS' PICK
Author:Grover, Lucinda
Publication:Mother Earth News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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