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Homeland security group forms. (In the News).

Homeland security is "the business of all business," according to Bruce Aitken, president of the Homeland Security Industries Association, a new 501(c)(3) association based in Washington, D.C. HSIA's mission is to "provide a mechanism for government and the private sector to work together on a wide range of homeland security issues.

The new association's immediate priorities are to keep members "up to date on homeland security-related hearings, legislation, regulations, and requests for proposals originating from federal, state, and local government entities," says Steve Ellis, director of communications. "We also want to provide members with opportunities to network, partner, and collaborate in servicing government contracts and protecting the American people."

HSIA has developed comprehensive position statements that offer recommendations on how government and business can work together on seven critical areas: airport security, port and maritime security, bioterrorism/chemical and nuclear security, physical security! critical infrastructure protection, information security, information-sharing technology, and best business practices. For example, in the area of port and maritime security, HSIA supports the development of technical methods to enhance container security as well as the introduction of detection systems to detect radioactive, chemical, or biological agents in commercial shipping containers.

For more information, contact Bruce Aitken at or at HSIA's offices at 666 11th St., N.W, Washington, D.C. 20001.
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