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Homegrown & handmade.

Whether you have forty acres and a mule or a condo with a balcony, you can do more than you think to safeguard your health, your money, and the planet. Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living by Deborah Niemann (New Society, 2011) demonstrates how making things from scratch and growing at least some of your own food can help you to eliminate artificial ingredients from your diet, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more authentic life. Whether your goal is increasing your self-reliance or becoming a full-fledged homesteader, this book is packed with answers and solutions.

It covers gardening, food storage, and preparation; raising small and medium livestock for fun, food, and fiber; and rediscovering a variety of other traditional skills to meet your family's needs. The author is a successful self-taught modern homesteader, writer, and self-sufficiency expert who presents extensively on topics including soap making, bread baking, cheese making, composting and homeschooling.

Homegrown and Handmade is a well-illustrated, practical, and accessible 288-page manual that will appeal to anyone who dreams of a simpler, more economical and more self-reliant life.

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Title Annotation:The Media Beat; Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living by Deborah Niemann
Author:Priesnitz, Wendy
Publication:Natural Life
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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