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after 45 years of writing letters & calling Estelle sent word to find a contractor - she wants a home built next to her sister

the house, brick & modern, is an oddity - sits prominently among shotgun houses, cows, chickens, fish ponds, bait shops & trailer homes

Celeste walks the clay red road to see her Oakland-California-sister - they have forty-five years to catch up on


Estelle & Celeste talk of the other two sisters who died in their early 70s - bring out boxes of black & white worm photos

Estelle rakes arthritic fingers through Celeste's hair conjuring memory she parts the white/yellow-stained strands - braids her sister!s hair.
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Title Annotation:Section 3: Sayings, Sermons, Tall Tales, and Lies - Contemporary Black Poetry; poem
Author:Wren, Andrea M.
Publication:African American Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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