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Homebrewers meeting attracts large crowds.

Homebrewers meeting attracts large crowds

The recently-finished 12th Annual National Homebrewers Conference drew amateur brewers from around the world. Brewers from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Saipan joined Canadians and Americans in celebrating one of humanity's oldest beverages.

Over 400 homebrewers arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Oakland, CA, on June 13 for four days of talks, seminars, tastings, festivals, tours, and receptions. Several dozen of the leading authorities on amateur and small-scale brewing examined issues germane to the homebrewing world.

"The growth of this conference reflects the serious interest people have in quality beer," said Charlie Papazian, president, American Homebrewers Assn. (AMA). "These people came here to learn about beer and beermaking, to share their experiences and beers, and to taste the beers made by their fellow brewers."

Beer critic Michael Jackson lead people through a gourmet luncheon of food prepared with beers. Anchor Brewery hosted a breakfast buffet that accompanied the making of their famous porter. Eighteen California small brewers got together for a special tasting of their beers. Club Night featured over 15 homebrew clubs presenting their beers, t-shirts, and newsletters. The Gala Awards Banquet included presentations of medals, ribbons, and trophies in the National Homebrew Competition.

"Two things really caught my attention this year," said Daniel Bradford, marketing director, AMA. "First, there were many female brewers here because of their own interests in brewing and, second, the variety and quality of beers presented by these homebrewers exceeded that of any commercial beer tasting that I've attended."

Next year's Homebrewer's Conference is scheduled for June 11-15, in Boston, MA.
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Title Annotation:12th Annual National Homebrewers Conference, Oakland, California
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 16, 1990
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