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Derry, NH, September 04, 2015 --( Mark Donovan of announced today his review of the product "Wet and Forget Outdoors", a safe and effective solution for removing moss, algae, mold and mildew from outdoor surfaces around the home and yard.

"As the product name suggests, on a bright and sunny day I applied 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' to my heavily moss covered asphalt shingled roof and then forgot about it," said Mark Donovan, founder and owner of the website "I also made sure, as the directions state, that there was no chance of rain for at least five hours after applying the product.

"I applied 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' with a pump-up garden sprayer with the recommended dilution rate of one part 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' to five parts water.

"Just five days later I began to notice that the clumps of moss on my roof shingles were beginning to turn from a vivid green to an orange/brownish color. Then a day later, after a heavy rainstorm, I noticed numerous clumps of the orange/brownish dead moss lying on the ground next to my house. Some of the dead moss had washed off the roof during the heavy rain storm. And with each passing day, and particularly after windy or rainy weather, I continue to notice more dead moss lying on the ground below my home's roof eaves.

"Suffice it to say, after just two weeks from when I applied 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' on my roof, I am fully thrilled with the product. It has worked as advertised, and it was very easy to use. No scrubbing, brushing or rinsing was required. I expect that within another month or two the roof will be totally free of any moss. Watch my video review of 'Wet and Forget Outdoors' ( to see the actual results on my home's roof."

Besides removing moss, mold, mildew and algae from asphalt roof shingles, "Wet and Forget Outdoors" can be used on a host of other types of outdoor surfaces including: concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, composite decking, metal, plastic, ceramic, natural stone, Astro Turf, and fiberglass. So whether it's a concrete, asphalt or brick driveway, patio, or walkway, or a pool-surround, deck, boat or RV, "Wet and Forget Outdoors" is the perfect solution for removing moss, mold, mildew and algae from it.

"If you need to remove moss, mold, mildew or algae from an outdoor surface, I highly recommend 'Wet and Forget Outdoors,'" said Mark Donovan. "The product works well, is easy to apply, and is safe to use around the home and yard."

About DIY DIY was founded in 2005 by Mark Donovan and is focused on providing home improvement information for the Do It Yourself homeowner. The website contains over 2,000 articles and videos rich with home building and home improvement tips and advice. All of Mark's comments are his own personal views on the reviewed product and he received no compensation from the manufacturer of "Wet and Forget Outdoors".

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Date:Sep 4, 2015
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