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Home visits: behind closed doors.

In our peritoneal dialysis (PD) program at Lakeridge Health, home visits were being done sporadically. There was a need for structured documentation, as well as a plan for scheduled home visits. We developed a home visit form that is used each time a nurse visits a patient's home. The home visit form allows for all nurses to be consistent with their visit. We also developed a home visit protocol. Visits are now done when the patient first starts PD, when there is a change in the system, and after any peritonitis episode. We also strive to do yearly visits. The visit consists of fluid assessment, vital signs, monitoring technique, inventory of supplies, assessment of the environment, review of peritonitis, assist in setting up night cycler machine, review of technical support, and other issues that may come up. Being in a patient's home gives a true picture of what is going on and how patients are doing. Concerns or problems can be identified that would not have been apparent at a routine clinic visit. You never know what you will find behind closed doors. Discussions will include barriers and issues that needed to be overcome. What we learn from the past only better prepares us for what we may encounter in the future.

Anna-Marie Sutherland, RN, CNeph(C), Cathy Baynham, RN, CNeph(C), Heather Bouckley, RN, CNeph(C), Gale Burden, RN, CNeph(C), Michelle Donoghue, RN, Heather Jackman-McCallum, RN, CNeph(C), Linda Nasso, RN, CNeph(C), Heather Schroder, RN, CNeph(C), and Pat Reed, MSW, RSW
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Author:Sutherland, Anna-Marie; Baynham, Cathy; Bouckley, Heather; Burden, Gale; Donoghue, Michelle; Jackman
Publication:CANNT Journal
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1CANA
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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