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If you haven't been to the redesigned Security Management Online Web site

yet, you don't know what you're missing - and in today's competitive

business world, what you don't know can hurt you. The site features much

easier access to articles, legislation, book excerpts, and more. For the

documents and sites below, go to the home page and click on "Editors'


Fire research. The site of the Fire Research Station (FRS) discusses FRS

projects such as the use of virtual reality to visualize building fires, the

effect of sprinklers on rites, and the simulation of fires in enclosures.

The site also contains other information and links. Get there via SM Online.

Drug expenditures. Between 1988 and 1995, U.S. expenditures on cocaine and

heroin appear to have fallen, according to a report by the Office of

National Drug Control Policy. The report attributes the drop partly to a

decrease in the number of users, but mostly to a decrease in the street

prices. Supply-based estimates also imply that the amount of cocaine

available has decreased over time. A summary of the report, What America's

Users Spend on Illegal Drugs: 1988-1995, is available on Security Management


Floods. The Dartmouth Flood Observatory site helps organizations detect,

map, measure, and analyze severe floods worldwide. Among its offerings are

flood detection tools, such as international disaster situation reports, and

an archive of flood location maps and flood reports. Link via SM Online.

Books. Among new book chapters placed online is a selection on physical

design factors from Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices and Evaluations,

Third Edition (reviewed in January). The selection discusses factors such as

surveillance, property identification, alarms, and street layout.

Nuclear safety. The Department of Energy has implemented a program to reduce

U.S. plutonium by half over the next twenty-five years and is encouraging

Russia to follow the same timetable. But problems remain. For example,

Russia's stockpile is estimated to be twice the size of the U.S. supply, and

Russia might not have adequate resources to meet the deadline. The full U.S.

General Accounting Office report is now online.

Firearms. For the last few years, cities such as Indianapolis and Santa Ana,

California, have had firearm trafficking programs to control violent crime.

A bulletin prepared for the Bureau of Justice Assistance by the Police

Executive Research Forum summarizes several of these efforts and results.

The bulletin is on SM Online.
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