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Home office off the living room ... it's just closet-size.

Home office off the living room ... it's just closet-size How small can a home office be? If you use Anne and Don Kalish's as an example, it needn't be bigger than a 9-1/2-foot-wide closet. Added during a remodel of their two-bedroom Southern California house, the closet-size office sits unobtrusively in a corner of the living room.

With its eight double bifold solid-core doors closed, it gives no hint of all that lies behind: a new window, a 2-foot-deep counter, filing cabinets, electrical outlets, a telephone, and even a pull-out typing table--which is mounted on heavy-duty drawer glides.

Enclosed by an exterior wall at one end, a new 3-foot-deep wing wall at the other, and a soffit on top, the space was designed by Lost Angeles architect Lorenzo Tedesco. The soffit contains a track for the doors and built-in down lights positioned over the counter.
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Date:Nov 1, 1989
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