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Where have all the flowers (and plantitas) gone? Editorial Nov 7, 2021 869
It's a match! These are the best plants to care for according to your lifestyle. Nov 6, 2021 903
This DOST-PCAARRD's home gardening project helped Filipino families become food secure. Oct 24, 2021 492
YOUR FALL GARDEN CHECKLIST: What to do in your garden now--no matter where you are in the West. Kizis, Deanna; Clausing, Nicole; Irvine, Mike; Silver, Johanna Oct 1, 2021 1111
Villar Sipag Home Gardening Program champions food security, nutrition, and income. Aug 11, 2021 1125
Retired labor arbiter grows peanuts on his rooftop in Quezon City. Aug 11, 2021 871
Chief marine engineer grows grapes and strawberries in his Antipolo garden. Apr 13, 2021 674
Growing your own food is here to stay. Mar 7, 2021 684
WFP and KOICA join hands to support the government's home gardening programme. Dec 17, 2020 457
TWICE members try out home gardening. Sep 22, 2020 420
QBG webinar underscores importance of home gardening. Aug 2, 2020 480
QBG stresses role of home gardening in Gulf self-sustenance, food security. Jul 30, 2020 568
A guide to urban gardening, part 4: making natural fertilizer. Jul 22, 2020 979
A celebrity gardener: see how Aubrey Miles enhanced her home with plants. Jul 11, 2020 909
Tips to home gardening in Cambodia's warm climate. Jul 1, 2020 1082
Home gardening gets smart with LED lights. Sep 12, 2019 453
Fronds with benefits" Considering a palm for your home garden? Here's a primer to help you pick the best varieties for your situation. Brief article Nov 1, 2018 233
Dual-Purpose Box and DIY Plant Labels. Knight, JaLynn Brief article Jun 1, 2018 149
Home gardening campaign returns. Mar 13, 2018 302
Grappling with 'Nature' in Australian Home Gardens 1890-1960. Gaynor, Andrea Essay Feb 1, 2018 7118
Bahraini man wins BD1,000 for pioneering home gardening idea. Apr 30, 2017 453
Dig into spring: whether you're planning a front-yard redo or looking for a new favorite flower, here are the best reasons to get your hands dirty. Silver, Johanna Apr 1, 2017 1272
Smell-good greenery: alluring and wildly useful, scented geraniums are finally getting their place in the sun. Silver, Johanna Apr 1, 2017 468
Your checklist. Jardina, Elizabeth; McCausland, Jim Apr 1, 2017 456
All-seasons retreat. Jardina, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2016 405
Simplify Your Home Gardening with an Automated Controller and Monitoring System. Aug 28, 2015 345
Featured comment. Brief article May 1, 2015 105
Local heroes: native plants save you water--and rescue your garden from blandness. Silver, Johanna Apr 1, 2015 1165
Plant a pyramid. Hoang, Lauren Dunec Brief article Apr 1, 2015 101
Buy 1, get 19 free. Krause, Don Brief article Feb 1, 2015 151
From salad storage to seed starter. Robertson, Kim Brief article Feb 1, 2015 163
Optimizing Metabolism. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Jan 1, 2015 1374
Ditch the itch: get rid of poison ivy plants. Long, Cheryl Brief article Jun 1, 2014 192
High-altitude, low-cost gardening. Mehaffey, Betsy Brief article Jun 1, 2014 289
Grow glorious greens: make greens the delicious backbone of your year-round garden with these tips. Wallace, Janet May 1, 2014 1778
Munro Court: natural light pours through windows, grape vines creep along walls and chickens cluck by the vegetable patch. Meadows, Josh Jan 1, 2014 356
Sump pump garden watering. Rood, Chad Brief article Sep 1, 2013 107
Well-traveled heirloom beans. Musick, Arlena Brief article Aug 1, 2013 215
Your checklist. Aug 1, 2013 363
From the editor. Bouris, Karen Editorial Jul 1, 2013 325
Little green giants: no garden? No problem! Grow a bounty of microgreens at home. Kadey, Matthew May 1, 2013 768
Your checklist. Silver, Johanna Brief article May 1, 2013 276
Featured comment. Quistorff, Hans Brief article May 1, 2013 101
The mother earth news fairs: more personal, more inspiring! Conference news Apr 1, 2013 522
Gardeners, dig in. Morgan, Kitty Editorial Apr 1, 2013 352
April: your Northern California guide. Silver, Johanna Brief article Apr 1, 2013 211
Dear EarthTalk: I'd like to have a garden that encourages bees and butterflies. what's the best approach? Miller, Robert Mar 10, 2013 542
March: your Northern California guide. Mar 1, 2013 441
December: your Southwest guide. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 303
Grow America's best fruit: apples, peaches, pears and plums: Fruit experts name the best-tasting and easiest-to-grow varieties. Howard, Doreen G. Dec 1, 2012 2978
Grow your own mushrooms: DIY kits offer an interesting, entertaining way to produce the freshest of fungi. Pleasant, Barbara Dec 1, 2012 3371
November: your Southern California guide. Tatroe, Marcia Brief article Nov 1, 2012 114
To-do list. Silver, Johanna Brief article Nov 1, 2012 155
What to plant in the climatic zones of Australia. Oct 1, 2012 370
Saving seeds. Cocchiarella, Nino G. Sep 1, 2012 1662
Those hungry rabbits. Hills, Laurel K. Sep 1, 2012 514
Do not give shrubs a bad haircut. Aug 1, 2012 456
20 crops that keep and how to store them: stash a winter's worth of delicious, homegrown produce in the cool corners of your homestead. Pleasant, Barbara Aug 1, 2012 3011
Rainwater harvesting: a better system: think beyond the rain barrel: this simpler, cheaper approach will help you harvest much more water for your garden! Long, Cheryl Aug 1, 2012 1318
Subversive plots: use your garden to disconnect from industrial food: take control of your food supply, enjoy better flavor and nutrition, and reject a flawed system--by growing your own food or buying locally. Doiron, Roger Aug 1, 2012 949
The one-day edible garden: getting started is easier than you think. Follow these steps, and you'll be harvesting in weeks. Silver, Johanna Apr 1, 2012 365
Ripe for the planting: summer's best tomatoes are. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 258
Ponderin' whilst putterin'. Meyer, Laura Brief article Feb 29, 2012 164
All about growing strawberries. Pleasant, Barbara Oct 1, 2011 1207
Yards to gardens: growing food, flowers, and friendship. Zespy, Linda Sep 17, 2011 1067
September: what to do in Northern California. White, Hazel Brief article Sep 1, 2011 306
Best plants for backyard pollinators. Franz, Betsy Brief article Aug 1, 2011 286
Food for thought: gardening for survival. Jul 1, 2011 508
All about growing cucumbers. Pleasant, Barbara Apr 1, 2011 1312
Easy kitchen garden: step by step: grow a kitchen garden to enjoy safe, flavorful and nutritious homegrown food. Doiron, Roger Feb 1, 2011 2240
May: What to do in Northern California. White, Hazel May 1, 2010 349
Just add water: transform your yard with a relaxing water oasis everyone can enjoy. Wetherbee, Kris May 1, 2010 958
Get ready to grow. Russell, Elizabeth Brief article May 1, 2010 150
7 secrets to season-long color. Liska, Rachael May 1, 2010 410
Fresh facelift: sometimes the best way to reinvent a front yard is the simplest. Cohoon, Sharon Apr 1, 2010 407
Three easy pieces: get a high-impact look in 15 minutes flat. Chai, Julie Brief article Apr 1, 2010 126
Top 10 picks for tight spaces: (they're low-water too). Brenzel, Kathleen N. Apr 1, 2010 659
Meal in a pot: reap 3 classic warm-weather dishes from a single planter. Silver, Johanna Apr 1, 2010 361
Garden of youth: bring these edible miracle workers into your life--and your kitchen. Rule, Cheryl Sternman Apr 1, 2010 985
Winter care for houseplants. Liska, Rachael Mar 1, 2010 417
Keeping it simple: an Arizona garden shows how to banish clutter and chaos from your life--or at least your backyard. Jan 1, 2010 645
Back space: how one Montana couple reinvented their barn and gained a new backyard in the process. Nunn, Jennie Jul 1, 2009 357
June: what to do in Northern California. White, Hazel Jun 1, 2009 459
Edible estate: trade your grass lawn for an edible garden. Osborn, Susan M. May 1, 2009 1962
Create a kitchen garden: grow culinary and visual delights in the same place. Haapoja, Margaret A. May 1, 2009 2433
Good plan = great garden: Heather Robertson outlines eight steps you can take today that will get you ready to plant once winter's chill is gone. Robertson, Heather Feb 1, 2009 951
The role of home gardening in household food security in Butere division of western Kenya. Musotsi, A.A.; Sigot, A.J.; Onyango, M.O.A. Report Dec 1, 2008 4145
Give bees a chance. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 256
Set the mood: sensuous details transform a patio into a personal backyard haven. Cohoon, Sharon Jun 1, 2008 554
Expand the deck: connect your house and yard with a multilevel destination for outdoor living. McCausland, Jim Brief article Jun 1, 2008 268
Create a sacred garden: surround yourself with special things that you enjoy, that will give you a moment to pause, reflect and just feel good. Patterson, Cheryl May 1, 2008 907
Easy-does-it gardening. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 141
The planting bird: when it's time to work the garden in the early spring, nature sends a winged messenger to tell us how to do it. Zickefoose, Julie Mar 1, 2008 1458
Lush look, light touch; Creating an eco-friendly garden can be easier & prettier than you think. Cohoon, Sharon Mar 1, 2008 432
Grow potatoes in hay. Nowlin, LaVonne Brief article Feb 1, 2008 187
The no-spray way to protect plants: lightweight fabric row covers are an easy way to protect your crops from insects and critters, and extend the season. Pleasant, Barbara Feb 1, 2008 1723
America's favorite tomatoes: we talked with experts across the country to choose the 20 best-tasting varieties. Pleasant, Barbara Cover story Feb 1, 2008 2741
Love 'em, don't leave 'em Brussels sprouts: if you grow and cook them correctly, you may discover a surprising attraction to these nutty and delicious tiny cabbages. Doiron, Roger Feb 1, 2008 1477
All about growing radishes. Pleasant, Barbara Feb 1, 2008 1185
Andrea's picks of the season. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 84
Geometry lesson: how to use shape and color to link house and landscape. Chai, Julie Feb 1, 2008 355
What to do in your garden: February. Chai, Julie Feb 1, 2008 624
The transplanted gardener: moving 3,000 miles to California opened up a whole new world for Joyce Maynard. But it also meant learning a different set of rules. Maynard, Joyce Feb 1, 2008 954
Roses, decks and patios. Olsen, Paul G. Jan 1, 2008 846
Roses for the cottage. Hosegood, Audrey Law Jan 1, 2008 1774
From brrr to aaah! Berube, Claire Jan 1, 2008 1007
Enjoy fresh blackberries: they're prolific and perennial--just about anyone can. Pleasant, Barbara Dec 1, 2007 1913
Snack wisely: discover Cherokee popcorn: how to grow this nutritious, colorful heirloom variety. Weaver, William Woys Dec 1, 2007 1148
How to plant a cool pot: pair white-flowered plants with bluish foliage. Chai, Julie Aug 1, 2007 372
The tomato that could. Zent, June Pauline Aug 1, 2007 398
Tiny urban gem: simple techniques make a city garden look and feel larger. Chai, Julie Jun 1, 2007 370
Starting point. Donnelly, Mary Brief article Apr 27, 2007 304
What to do in your garden April. Chai, Julie Buyers guide Apr 1, 2007 580
Trailers for containers: small-leafed plants with long, supple stems are perfect for softening hard edges. Use two or three kinds to create a fringe of green around upright plants, or display them singly on a tabletop. Swezey, Lauren Bonar Brief article Apr 1, 2007 288
Side-yard makeover: tricks for transforming an underused space into a true garden destination. Chai, Julie Mar 1, 2007 782
Serene view: plant soothing greenery for year-round appeal outside a window. Chai, Julie Mar 1, 2007 424
Enjoy fresh tomatoes all year: harvest a bounty of homegrown tomatoes with these five smart strategies and four special varieties. Pleasant, Barbara Cover story Feb 1, 2007 2296
Homesteaders with horses: on this Vermont farm, life is sweet and so is the pure maple syrup. Klick, Jessica Feb 1, 2007 1503
Integration--a whole new way of thinking edible landscaping for the new millennium. Kohut, Jim Jan 1, 2007 1734
My mighty tasty garden. Popien, Mary Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1119
Gardens & friendships blossom. McCrea, Jo Jan 1, 2007 518
Vibrant retreat: bring a lively spirit to your garden with bold lines and vivid colors. Chai, Julie Nov 1, 2006 664
Use one of these 4 simple garden designs to grow the 12 best kitchen herbs. Pleasant, Barbara Oct 1, 2006 2236
'Saturn' peaches: the flavor of this sweet treat is out of this world! Weaver, William Woys Oct 1, 2006 1215
Timely gardening tips for where you live. Mack, Carol Oct 1, 2006 1317
Digging deeper with Barbara Pleasant. Pleasant, Barbara Oct 1, 2006 541
Maritime Canada and New England. Aug 1, 2006 169
Mid-Atlantic. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 165
Southern Interior. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 136
Gulf Coast. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 153
Central/Midwest. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 146
North Central and Rockies. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 151
Pacific Northwest. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 156
Southwest. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 156
Greening the planet, one backyard at a time. Millen, Tracey Aug 1, 2006 1365
Smart summer watering. McCausland, Jim Jul 1, 2006 522
Trellis creates garden space. Wright, Kevin Brief article Jun 1, 2006 197
Sweet success with cantaloupes: grow unique melon varieties and enjoy luscious vine-ripened flavors. Pleasant, Barbara Jun 1, 2006 2185
Small space secrets: simple strategies help a tiny garden live large. Chai, Julie Brief article May 1, 2006 185
Cozy garden shelter: a tiny backyard building becomes a true refuge. Whiteley, Peter O. Brief article May 1, 2006 188
Belly and soul: discovering the joys of local and seasonal foods. Johnson, Jean May 1, 2006 1255
Improving heirloom varieties. Pleasant, Barbara Apr 1, 2006 325
Winter house plant care: keep your house in the green with Teresa Soule. Soule, Teresa Feb 1, 2006 898
Decorating with poinsettias: pair them with colorful houseplants. McCausland, Jim Dec 1, 2005 343
Easy orchids: getting started with Phalaenopsis. McCausland, Jim Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 271
What to do in your garden in December. Chai, Julie Dec 1, 2005 602
The season outside: outdoor decorations inspired by nature. Brenzel, Kathleen N. Dec 1, 2005 334
Dream big. Tamony, Katie Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 299
Lily's chickens: the decisions we make about what we eat have an astonishing power to change the world around us. Kingsolver, Barbara Aug 1, 2005 4007
Amazing amaranth: grow this dual-purpose global 'superplant' for nutritious greens and high-protein whole grain. Vlaun, Scott Apr 1, 2005 2317
Project: shamrock pots. Brenzel, Kathleen N. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 89
Great plant: dwarf edamame. Swezey, Lauren Bonar Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 128
Dog friendly: tips for creating a garden you and your pet will love. Cohoon, Sharon Mar 1, 2005 1048
Timely gardening tips: for where you live. Mack, Carol Dec 1, 2004 1020
Natural survivors: rainfall alone waters these dry-climate beauties. Swezey, Lauren Bonar Nov 1, 2004 662
Perfectly made beds: how to shape, plant, and edge them. Brenzel, Kathleen N. Nov 1, 2004 601
Tap into water savings: enjoy lower water bills, lusher landscapes and longer-lived septic systems when you irrigate with your household graywater. Anderson, Claire Aug 1, 2004 3263
Rethinking lawns: how to have a green yard that is healthy for your family and the environment. May 1, 2004 1379
Grow superb strawberries. Wetherbee, Kris Apr 1, 2004 1762
What to do in your garden in October. Oct 1, 2003 683
Through the garden gate. Lang, Mike Apr 13, 2003 481
Abundant gardening: planting and design tips from an organic grower. (Garden). Chai, Julie Apr 1, 2003 436
Patios with panache personalizing your yard. (Golf and Home Guide). Zimmerman, Ann Brief Article May 1, 2002 709
INDOOR GARDENS INSTILL SERENITY. Kleinman, Rebecca Jan 17, 2000 671
Bertha's banana patch. Fottler, Marsha May 1, 1999 1020
Old-fashioned companion planting: an asparagus/strawberry bed to last a generation. Vivian, John Feb 1, 1995 5553
Who's making the new vegetables? Joinson, Carla Feb 1, 1995 3343

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