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Home disinfection training Kit.

All Control III surface and instrument disinfectants have a pleasant odor, require no ventilation and are easily disposed. Control III Disinfectant Germicide - Concentrated formula, 10-minute contact time for disinfection. The mixed solution can be re-used for 14 days. Control III Laboratory Germicide - Ready-to-use disinfectant with similar disinfecting capability as the concentrate, but added ingredients to inhibit instrument corrosion. Has a 30-day re-use life. Control III Elite - Ready-to-use detergent and disinfectant. Effective against TB other bacteria, and viruses, including HIV-1. Control III Home Care Kit - Contains 2-oz, bottle of concentrate, 2-qt soak bucket, measuring cup, & test strips, 800-546-7711. Circle Action Card #37

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Publication:FOCUS: Journal for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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