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Home Swede home; HOLBY CITY Tue BBC1 8pm (Scot 10.45pm).

The boss is back. Henrik Hanssen, one of Holby's truly great characters, has returned to rattle staff and delight his many fans.

"He's punctilious, pedantic and obsessive - all the things I'm not of course," smiles Guy Henry, 54. "He's just a lovely weirdo."

Henrik's first scene makes it clear that nearly two years back in Sweden hasn't changed him - the new CEO won't enter the building until he's learned the names of every single member of staff.

"Everyone is wondering who has got the job, and Mr Hanssen is sat in the car park memorising names," says Guy.

The doc's first target is Guy Self (played by ex-Corrie star John Michie).

"Henrik profoundly disagrees with the way he has been running the place," Guy reveals. "Hanssen will be sparring with the surgeon."

Meanwhile, the reason for his return is shrouded in secrecy.

"Hanssen had always believed he wasn't capable of love," says Guy. "He had abandoned his wife and son years ago, and had gone to Sweden to attempt reconciliation. He's back, so what went wrong?" We're certainly looking forward to finding out...


PEDANTIC: Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 25, 2015
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