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Home Schooling. ERIC Digest, Number Fifteen.

ERIC Descriptors: Civil Liberties; Compulsory Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Home Programs; Parent School Relationship; School Law

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The prevalence of home schooling is increasing. Parents educate their children at home for the sake of security, morality, and educational quality. Not only does home schooling offer the advantages of closeness and security, but advocates also assert that education in the home results in greater reading proficiency. On the other hand, antagonists point out the lack of opportunity for socialization in home education and the inability of parents to cover all academic areas. Administrators who oppose home schooling also fear a decrease in state aid because of a drop in enrollment. But administrators are advised not to prosecute home schooling families. Instead, districts and home schooling families need to cooperate. (RG)

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Author:Nelson, Erik
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1986
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