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Home Life: Auction action.


THE blood-stained sash Una Dugdale Duval wore when she was knocked over by a horse at a suffragette rally along with a 90-year-old piece of bread, part of her rations from a month-long stay at Holloway prison, will be auctioned at Phillips in London, March 30.

Ms Duval was one of the celebrated veterans of the early 20th Century campaign for equal rights for women.

British women were barred from the vote until 1918, and even then only those over 30 were able to mark a ballot paper.

Also in the sale is a packet of letters to Ms. Duval from suffragette notables such as Emmeline Pankhurst.

Modern-day feminists are expected to push the price of the collection past pounds 7,000. Call 020 7629 6602.

IN real life, beauty generally rates higher than grotesque. In film posters however the horror wins hands down.

A poster advertising the 1932 frightening film The Mummy staring Boris Karloff is set to fetch pounds 50,000 when it hits the block at Christie's, London, on March 27.

The 42ins by 27ins sheet shows the menacing mummy with the scary warning... "It comes to life!" In the same sale a string of posters starring glamorous actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo are expected to fetch between pounds 2,000 and pounds 5,000.

The best hope for the beauty brigade is the advertisement for the 1932 film Blond Venus featuring the seductive Marlene Dietrich, priced about pounds 9,000. Call 020 7581 7611.

POW- ERFUL pictures of the West Country will be auctioned by Phillips at Powerham Castle, Devon, on March 28.

Tom Roden, who painted Dartmoor scenes for most of his life until he died in 1926, has four water-colours in the sale.

Much of his work features the famous Dartmoor Ponies.

An 8ins by 16ins take on his favourite subjects should go for about pounds 400.

Another painter often seen sketching along the seaside - F.J Widgery (1861-1942) - is represented with a dramatic rocky coastal scene.

The 11ins by 31ins water-colour has been valued at between pounds 600 and pounds 800. Call 01225 788 924.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 24, 2001
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