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Home Diagnostics Launches TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software.

Customizable System Helps Patients Keep Track of Blood Glucose Readings and Promotes Better Disease Management

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Home Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ:HDIX), a leading manufacturer and marketer of diabetes testing supplies, today announced the launch of TRUEmanager([TM]) Diabetes Management Software. The advanced reporting features and new user-friendly interface of TRUEmanager make it an essential tool for diabetes patients and healthcare professionals seeking long-term disease management.

TRUEmanagerreplaces Home Diagnostics' previous diabetes management software, TrackRecord[TM], and is designed for use with Home Diagnostics' TRUEtrack([TM]), TRUEresult([TM]), TRUEbalance([TM]), TRUEread([TM]) and Prestige IQ([R]) blood glucose meters.

The software allows patients to easily download blood glucose testing results from their meter directly onto a home computer. The system compiles patient demographics into seven easy-to-read reports that show patterns and trends in glucose results.

"TRUEmanager's advanced software is designed to give patients and healthcare professionals an effective tool for monitoring and sharing the data necessary to achieve proper disease control," said Joe Capper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Home Diagnostics. "With customizable and more comprehensive reporting, TRUEmanager helps people with diabetes keep track of their blood glucose levels, empowering them to live more comfortably with diabetes."

TRUEmanager offers the following seven customizable reports:

* Summary Report - An overview of glucose testing results and trends.

* Modal Day - Data results reviewed in specific time blocks per day.

* Modal Week - Data results reviewed in specific time blocks per week.

* Log Book Report - A report of the number of test strips used, average tests per day, and percentage of results within, above, or below target ranges.

* Conformance Report - Pie charts that identify results above, within or below target ranges to help better understand the effects of food on blood glucose results.

* Glucose Trend Result - A graph by date and time to reveal patterns and better understand low and high readings.

* Extended Log Book Report - Glucose results taken before and after meals.

TRUEmanager is available free for downloading on the Home Diagnostics Web site at: Users may also receive the TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software Kit, which includes a USB SmartData cable and/or a TRUEresult docking station and the TRUEmanager software CD for $29.99 (plus shipping and handling). Healthcare providers may receive a complimentary TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software Kit, including the USB SmartData cable and/or a TRUEresult docking station. To order please call 866-476-3837.

About Home Diagnostics, Inc.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Home Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDIX) is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of diabetes management products. Home Diagnostics, Inc. offers a portfolio of high-quality blood glucose monitoring systems that spans the spectrum of features and benefits to help every person with diabetes better monitor and manage their disease. The Home Diagnostics, Inc. product line includes TRUE2go[TM], TRUEresult[TM], TRUEbalance[TM], TRUEtrack[R], Sidekick[R], TRUEread[TM] and Prestige Smart System[R] blood glucose monitoring systems. The products are available in more than 45,000 pharmacies throughout the U.S. Home Diagnostics is the exclusive co-brand supplier of blood glucose monitoring supplies for leading pharmacies including CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, as well as distributors such as AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, McKesson, Invacare and Liberty Medical. Home Diagnostics, Inc. was named one of Forbes magazine's "200 Best Small Companies" in 2008 and in 2009 received several recognitions for the company's TRUE2go blood glucose meter, including a Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) and a Gold Award in the Medical/Test Equipment category as part of appliance DESIGN Magazine's 22nd Annual Excellence in Design (EID) Awards Competition. For more information please visit

TRUE2go, TRUEresult, TRUEtest, TRUEtrack, TRUEbalance, Sidekick, TRUEread, TRUEmanager, TrackRecord, Prestige IQ and Prestige Smart System are trademarks of Home Diagnostics, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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Date:Jun 24, 2009
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