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Holzma-U.S.: the industry leader in panel sizing technology.

For years, you've known Holzma-U.S. as a leading supplier of panel sizing technology. From its line of Homag Espana vertical panel saws to its huge computer integrated angular panel sizing systems, Holzma-U.S. has a panel saw solution to meet the needs of virtually any size woodworking operation.

Your panel saw is the most important piece of equipment in your plant. After all, if you can't size your panels, the rest of your production is pretty much dead in the water. That's why it's essential to develop a partnership with a panel saw supplier who has made a tangible commitment to supporting you.

No other panel saw supplier in America can match the level of commitment made by Holzma-U.S. Today, we have 15 full-time factory-trained service technicians, parts experts and trained instructors all working to keeping your plant up and running.

An even higher level of service

In January, the merger of Holzma-U.S. and Stiles Machinery Inc. became official, resulting in Holzma-U.S. becoming a division of Stiles Machinery.

What does this mean for you? For starters, you will enjoy an even higher level of overall support thanks to the combined customer service capabilities of Stiles and Holzma-U.S. You can also tap into the information and technology of the entire Homag Group. All the machinery from the Homag Group is now available to you from one source. Standardization of certain parts and components translates into greater availability and even shorter turnaround times on parts orders. Standardization of training documents, schematics and machinery manuals take the guess-work out of your daily set up and maintenance procedures. It can even mean greater efficiency in your production operation because now all of the Homag Group machines may be linked through a centralized computer system, Homatic software and bar coding technology.

What does the future hold in store?

Holzma has made a substantial commitment to researching, developing and producing new technology and support services with an eye toward helping you maintain your competitive edge and enhance your profitability.

Holzma has a distinct advantage in the area of research and development thanks to its membership in the Homag Group of companies. Homag, of course, is the largest manufacturer of panel processing machinery in the world. It's hard to imagine another panel saw manufacturer with the backing and technological resources to make this kind of commitment to you.

For more information on Holzma panel saws call Holzma-U.S. at (704) 861-8239. For information on any of the other Homag Group equipment call Stiles Machinery at (616) 698-7500. Circle #211
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Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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