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Holy man Watt offers a miracle cure from beyond the grave.

A HOLY man is curing ailments and breaking bad habits from beyond the grave.

Hundreds of desperate smokers and people in need of divine intervention are flocking to Roscommon man Watt Henry.

But the miracle man can't touch his followers - as he has been dead for over 50 years.

The grave of Watt Henry at St Coman's Cemetery in Roscommon, is almost like a rubbish dump - awash with old lighters, medals and combs.

But each is a small thank you and a message of hope for the many more who will ask Watt for his special help.

Cemetery caretaker Patrick Hoare says each day flocks of people arrive to spend time at the small grave which has been adorned with rosary beads and religious medals:

"They come for a cure -whether that be from smoking or from cancer.

"People say they smell roses from the grave although there are never flowers.

"A lot of people who suffer from migraines spend hours at the grave praying to Watt and brushing their hair. Their headaches go and they leave the combs to leave their headaches behind them.

"Others ask him to help them give up smoking. They leave their lighters with Watt.

"He's cured hundreds. The people come here and sit by his grave. They say they can smell flowers.

"They go into a trance like state and may sit there for up to three hours. But when they come out of the trance they think they have only been there for five minutes."

Watt Henry died in 1941 at the Sacred Heart Hospital in his hometown of Roscommon.

Nuns who attended the body after he died, claimed to have smelt roses in the air although they were in a clinical morgue.

Watt had been a holy man and spent most days of his life praying in local churches for hours on end.

"He was a very religious man. He would go into a church and spend all day praying. He wouldn't see or hear anything around him. He would just go into this trance and pray for the day.

"When he got sick, the nuns took him in as he had no family.

"The day he died they claimed they could smell roses from his body. It is the same smell people get when they sit at his grave," said Mr Hoare.

Watt Henry's grave is as simple as the man who lies within.

Located in an old corner of the cemetery, the grave has an unassuming headstone with the words "Watt Henry 1941."Mr Hoare, who has worked at the graveyard for over 20 years, says visitors from as far afield as the US have come asking Watt for a bit of help.

"There was a woman here one day. She came in and sat on the edge of the grave combing her hair. She went into a kind of trance at the grave combing her hair.

"Then she put down her comb and told me that she felt totally at ease. The pain in her head had gone and she felt that she was at peace with herself.

"People say they feel totally at peace when they sit at the old man's grave.

"He certainly gets the most visitors. He hardly has a minute to himself really. He has a guest most days."
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Author:Tallant, Nicola
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 20, 1998
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