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Holstein to provide treats: for housewares show.

THE NEW PRODUCTS FROM DISTRIVALTO'S HOLSTEIN HOUSE wares brand, which will be launched at this month's International Home + Housewares Show, continue the brand's focus on fun small electrics.

The brand has become known for its group of novelty small electncs. Included in its product line are such items as empanada makers, pet treat makers, cupcake makers and omelette makers, many of them brightly colored to add to their entertainment value. Holstein Housewares has also been venturing into nonelectric categories such as cookware, dinnerware, cutlery and coffeeware.

At the Housewares Show, Holstein Housewares will unveil a line of electrics made with blue nonstick coating from Whitford. Included in this collection are the Cakebite Maker, the Brownie Maker and the Cupcake Maker. Along with providing an element of fashion, the nonstick coating makes the products easy to clean and is safe for baking a variety of recipes.

Also new from Holstein Housewares is the Burger Grill.

This can make two burger patties at the same time, with less fat. It comes with a spatula and a drip tray.

Along the same lines is Holstein Housewares' new Pie Maker. This produces two pies in just seven minutes, and also comes with a spatula and a pie cutter.

Both the Burger Grill and the Pie Maker come in metallic red, blue and silver colors.--David Gill

Caption: Top: Holstein Housewares' Burger Maker can cook two patties at one time, with less fat.

Caption: Left: The Pie Maker from Holstein Housewares can bake two pies in seven minutes.

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Title Annotation:housewares
Author:Gill, David
Publication:HFN Home Furnishings News
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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