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Holography goes nuts!!

Seychelles is introducing a new holographic tag and permit system for the endangered Coco de Mer (french for 'Coconut of the Sea'), which is the world's largest and heaviest nut from the rare palm Lodoicea maldivica.

The adoption of the new tag will take place gradually over the coming year, where the old tags can be exchanged for the new holographic tag.

Found on just two islands of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the Coco de Mer palm has seeds or nuts that can reach half a metre in diameter and weigh as much as 25kg.

The seed's rarity and popularity make it a target for poachers and fraudsters as the edible inner kernel is desirable in Asian countries, where it is believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

The Coco de Mer already features an anti-counterfeiting tag system but the Seychelles Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change found the original tag to be easily falsified. The ministry has therefore invested around $10,000 in a new holographic tag and permit system.

Alain de Comarmond, Principal Secretary in the Ministry said 'due to thefts and falsification of the old tag, the ministry had to invest in new security measures.'

Unlike the old system, the new holographic system includes overt security features which become visible when viewed at a certain angle. Any nut found to be without a tag makes the Coco de Mer illegal.

De Comarmond said, 'the new tag and permit system will improve the way the Coco de Mer is being produced, the way it is managed and traded. The system will assist us to further fight poaching and other violations that threaten the endemic species.'

Caption: Seychelles endemic species coconut named Coco de Mer.


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Publication:Holography News
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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