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Holography Conference--Pre-Conference Seminar.

This year's Holography Conference in Athens, Greece will be preceded by a half day seminar on Vacuum R2R Metallisation For Holographic Applications, by Prof Nadir Ahmed from Idvac.

The aims of the seminar are:

1. To provide a comprehensive training course on R2R metallising and to refresh and improve the skills of machine operators and quality control staff;

2. To discuss the importance of vacuum metallising for flexible holographic products;

3. To provide an understanding of the fundamentals, performance and problems of R2R vacuum metallising processes;

4. To provide an understanding of the fundamentals, performance and problems of plasma treatment process;

5. To provide and understanding of the fundamentals, performance and problems in the production of high quality metallised products including Al, HRI (ZnS) and copper;

6. To Introduce added value products for new markets;

7. To enable an interactive discussion regarding quality control.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to solve vacuum, winding, metallising quality and plasma related problems found in vacuum roll metallisers. You will also learn how to solve problems related to vacuum metallising quality of holographic products including Al, HRI (high refractive index), zinc sulphide and copper on flexible films. Technical advice will also be offered during the course.

Do I need to be a vacuum roll metalliser operator?

Absolutely not! This course is designed to empower decision makers, quality staff and even sales personnel so that they can get the best from optimising their machines and products to expand into new niche markets.

Caption: Prof Nadir Ahmed, Managing Director of Idvac.

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Date:Jul 1, 2019
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