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Holographic shrink sleeve technology for alcohol.

Optaglio has been supplying Tikves Macedonia with a novel holographic shrink sleeve for its wine bottles since 2008, with excellent results in reducing counterfeits. Tikves (Macedonian: THKBeIII) is one of the major winery and distillery houses in the whole area of the Balkan peninsula. Its production of premium wines and rakijas (wine spirits) made it a target for copiers and counterfeiters across the whole Balkan region.

The use of the shrink sleeves on the bottle neck protects not only the content of the bottle, but it also protects also government revenues. The Macedonian alcohol tax stamp is located under the transparent sleeve and so is fully integrated into the security solution. The holographic sleeve became a standard and popular feature that is requested by Tikves customers, thus rapidly decreasing the ability of counterfeiters to penetrate the supply chain. So far not a single fake of the sleeved bottle has appeared on the market.

The shrink sleeves consist of a shrinkable body with a high quality hologram stripe which preserves its crisp appearance because it does not shrink. The hologram stripe is applied along the inside of the sleeve's body. Because it is therefore covered by the sleeve, it is resistant to mechanical attacks. Typically, after application it is perforated so that the hologram works as tear tape to remove the sleeve.

The hologram is embossed into a PET carrier and is therefore resistant to temperatures up to 180C, so that when the sleeve is heat-shrunk the hologram image remains flat and retains high image brightness.

The body of the shrink sleeve is made from clear base film, typically 75 um PVC film. Printing is done with a printed clear window for hologram position and the top of sleeve should be with or without top disk--from printed plastic film or relief embossed aluminum film of the required colour.

The sleeves are supplied in preformed format as shown in Fig 2 ideal for hand application to the bottles.


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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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