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HoloExpo 2014.

The full programme is now published for this year's HoloExpo Conference, which takes place on September 1617 in the southern resort city of Sochi, location for this year's Winter Olympic Games.

HoloExpo is an annual event to provide a platform for technical discussions on developments and future perspectives in holography and its applications in Russia and the CIS countries. Organised by Professor Sergei Odinokov and his team from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Radioelectronics and Laser Technology, and traditionally sponsored by the four leading holographic companies in the region-Krypten, Holograte, Holography Ltd and Holography Industry-the conference will be accompanied by an exhibition with around a dozen hologram suppliers demonstrating their latest products in this market. This will be the 11th year of the event since its inception in 2004. In recent years more and more attention has been given to commercial holography and Sochi will be no exception. The programme is split into five sessions covering security holograms and applications, diffractive optics, holographic interferometry, display holography, holographic data storage, computer generated holograms and nanophotonics. Papers include Russia's Academy of Sciences Institute of Image Processing Systems on diffractive optical elements and structural polarised light; the Institute of Automatics Electrometrics on production and application of computer generated holograms: Lithuania's Geola on its new pulsed laser mastering system; Irkutsk Medical State Institute on holography and laser nanotechnologies; Regula on authentication systems for security holograms and Bauman State Technical University on Fourier transform holograms for holographic memory systems.

The conference will finish with a tour of Sochi and Winter Olympics' venues on September 18. Over 100 delegates are expected to be at the event.

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Publication:Holography News
Date:Aug 1, 2014
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