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Hollywood brothers join cancer crusade.

HOLLYWOOD'S four Baldwin brothers have joined their cancer victim mother in her crusade against breast cancer.

Carol Baldwin has beaten the deadly disease but had to have both her breasts removed.

Movie star Alec helps Carol raise research funds for the University Medical Centre in Stony Brook, Long Island. Some of the money is used to buy wigs for women who lose their hair during chemotherapy.

Brother Billy and his wife, singer Chynna Phillips, are helping Carol put together a concert for next year. The couple also take part in Race for the Cure charity marathons.

Brother Stephen will host a celebrity golf tournament next month while other brother Daniel is helping organise an auction of celebrity-donated items.

All four sons used their own money to help establish The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Foundation.

Alec, the oldest brother, was hit hardest by his mother's illness. It brought back painful memories of how his father, Alec Snr., was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1983. He died six months later, aged 55.

The movie star, who is married to Kim Basinger, said: "I didn't want to lose another parent to cancer. Of course, I'm very grateful I didn't. Our family is very fortunate because mother is a survivor.

"So, in the wake of that moment, I am delighted that she has decided to make it her life's work to fight cancer."

Carol was diagnosed as having breast cancer in 1990. She had the operation to have both breasts removed - a double mastectomy - just weeks after Stephen married his wife, Kennya.

For Alec, Carol's fight against the disease was made even more poignant when Kim gave birth to their daughter, Ireland, in October, 1995.

He said: "Having a child certainly alters your perspective.

"I'm a son and a husband and the father of a daughter so this is an important issue to me. I want to do whatever I can to help bring an end to this terrible disease."

Carol needed the support of her loving sons during her terrible battle to beat cancer. Because she is a diabetic, her body rejected attempts at breast reconstruction.

She explained: "I didn't heal well. I got pneumonia and I had allergies to antibiotics. Finally, doctors told me the devastating news that I couldn't have breast implants.

Carol knows that having a high-profile daughter-in-law like Kim Basinger can't do any harm to her cause. She says: "Everyone wants to know what Kim is like. They ask if she's as beautiful in person as she is on the screen."
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Date:Jun 27, 1999
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