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Hollywood, Public Relations Agency for Ugly American.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The recent controversy over the film, "The Interview" has been used by Hollywood, the US government, and many other interest groups to advance an intellectually-dishonest narrative about "freedom of speech", "democracy", and "American Culture and Values". When you strip away American emotionalism artificially induced by a multi-million dollar corporate P.R. campaign and the policy of the US government to isolate and destroy North Korea via economic terrorism and false propaganda, in the exact same manner the US attacks Nations such as Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. The real plot is revealed.

The film itself is so bad that it is not worth commenting on in terms of cinematic quality."The Interview" is laden with American/Corporate supremacism, which is more widely called "American Exceptionalism" for American Low Information voters as Rush Limbaugh calls them. Most of these Low Information voters are actually conservatives who turn out in mass for Limbaugh's Republican Party, cheerfully waving flags as they send their sons and daughters off to fight wars based on lies while at the same time opposing programs at home that feed, clothe, educate, and provide healthcare for their grandchildren. These same American Low Information voters go out of their way to embrace a system that has its boot on their neck and has for years suppressed people by way of police violence and murder, so long as it is "other people" that have that boot on the neck.

It is very ironic that so many "conservatives" championed this film and called for supporting the film as a sort of crusade for American freedom and culture when in fact the film glorifies drug use andillicit and perverted sex and mocks the very traditional values conservatives often say are missing and America needs.Why did so many Americans, especially conservatives or self-described American patriots, call for action based on a purported "Hack Attack", which was most likely engineered by Sony itself in an attempt to drive up sales for a severely substandard film? There was a bogeyman in the film that for years the American public has been conditioned against. Americans have been told for years that North Korea is a "rogue state", more recently George W. Bush referred to North Korea as part of an Axis of Evil.Americans are also told that North Korean people are starving, which may be true, but the average American is not told that food and medicine shortages are caused by crippling sanctions facilitated by the United States as a form of economic terrorism to force compliance with the US Policy.

In "The Interview", we see two elements.We see the marriage between Hollywood and the US government that seeks to use the entertainment media to influence people who they cannot reach by way of the mainstream news media. There is no doubt that the CIA provided "technical assistance" in the development of "The Interview".In fact, the CIA has been involved in the development of a plethora of Hollywood movies and TV Series which have been used to program hearts and minds against "designated bogeymen", that the US has decided no longer deserves to exist as Nations or governments.For years, the Soviet Union was a bogeyman, then for a brief time under Boris Yeltisn, when American corporations were allowed to rape and pillage Russia in the post-Soviet period, Russia was portrayed as a great friend. Now that Vladimir Putin has asserted Russian geopolitical and economic interests, Russia is once again a designated US bogeyman and Hollywood has fallen into line portraying Russia as the Big Bad Bear.Iran is another example. Under the Shah, the US described Iran as its greatest ally in the Middle East.This is not based on mutual respect but because from 1953 until the fall of the Shah in 1979 the United States defacto controlled Iranian political and economic policies and together with the British, pillaged Iranian natural resources.The US Ambassador would regularly provide instruction to the Iranian Monarch. To shore up the Shah, the US CIA developed, trained and provided intelligence to the Savak. The legacy of the Savak speaks for itself.After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran, Islam, and Imam Khomeini all became US designated bogeymen. Hollywood and the US government have been working overtime since 1979 demonizing Iran, the Imam and most importantly Islam. While many believe the American war on Islam began on September 11, 2001, it actually began in 1979 when the Iranian people rose up and rejected the wide spread American rape of their Nation and sovereignty. Likewise, Hollywood in the case with "The Interview" has colluded with the American government to assure Americans "buy in" to the "bogeyman propaganda". There will always be a large segment of the American population that does not view news media.As a result, the US government and Hollywood colluded with each other to reach these people by using entertainment media to package the American government's bogeyman message in movies and TV Shows.This is the case with "The Interview".

The central plot in "The Interview" (a comedy) is the use of news media by the CIA.Interestingly, many average Americans do not know that the CIA and its predecessors and Media have been working together, often against American citizen's interests for nearly 100 years.For instance, many Americans have long forgotten the CIA engaged in drug trafficking in the 1980's that resulted in a Crack Cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles.This CIA enterprise received cover from highprofile mainstream media such as the New York Times, only to be discredited later when the CIA admitted to its complicity in drug trafficking before Congress.In "The Interview", two journalists are tasked by the CIA to murder the leader of North Korea.At no time during the film does it mention that under US Law, it is illegal for the US government to engage in the assassination of foreign officials. The film goes out of its way to advance what are laughably US government supplied CIA/State Department/Defense Department Talking Points defaming North Korea and Kim Jong-un. Interestingly, the two questions missing in the recent debate regarding "The Interview" are, 1) What is the actual evidence that there was an actual Hack on Sony Pictures and that there were legitimate "threats" and 2) What would be the reaction of Americans, especially the Low Information Americans who declared seeing 'The Interview" was a patriotic duty, would be if a foreign Nation made a film about assassinating the American President?I suspect there would be such consternation that there would be debate in Congress urging military force.

What "The Interview" actually reveals is Hollywood again acting as the Public Relations Agency for the Ugly American and a lot of Ugly Americans who screamed outrage about the likely staged and fraudulent Hack attack on a bad film that promotes the murder of a Head of State. What makes these screaming Americans Ugly? They have declared it's acceptable for America to prance around the globe killing whomever they wish in the name of "exceptionalism" which is in reality supremacism and corporate greed.

If "The Interview" is about American culture and values, then America is long sense culturally bankrupt and void of values.

By Rodney Martin for Fars News Agency

Rodney Martin , a Current Affairs Analyst and Writer is the Chairman, American Nationalist Association, WWW.ANA-ANN.COM, and a former US Congressional Staffer.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
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Date:Dec 31, 2014
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