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Holiday home rentals.

Hoteliers have denounced the unfair competition and are demanding that regulations and monitoring be put in place for rental housing for tourism on the coasts, reports (Sept. 2, 2014). The hotels in the beaches of San Juan del Sur are the most affected by the boom taking hold in rental housing for tourists, an activity on which taxes are not paid and no regulation must be followed. Onedia Veliz Herrera, owner of the Hotel Villa Mar, in Marseille beach, said "to prevent this unfair competition we must have clear regulations on use of houses for tourism to prevent them from becoming unfair competition." Lorena Sandino, manager of Hotel Estrella, said "unfair competition in tourism holiday accommodation, is occurring in areas like El Coco Beach, the old town of the city itself, Marseille, Maderas beach and other places.

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Title Annotation:NICARAGUA
Publication:Caribbean Update
Date:Sep 27, 2014
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