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Holiday hair made easy.

Heading off on holiday and looking for hair inspiration? Then celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton has created some simple styles to take you from beach to bar in no time - with minimum effort and fuss. Andrew says: "No one wants to go away laden with a million hair products and styling tools. But every woman wants to look glamorous when she goes out. These dos are easy and will give you instant, effortless chic in the sunshine."

Tousled wave This is a great style if you have just come off the beach and your hair is dry from the sun and pool. You can go straight out without having to wash your hair and this do provides the base for other easy hairstyles.

1 Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail and spraying with a heat protector. I use my own product, Straight Answer: Hot Iron Protection Spray, pounds 4.

Then take random sections of your hair that are about 1in thick. 2 bout 3 rling w.

Using a conical waver (Andrew Barton Designer Curling Multi Styler Set with two attachments, pounds 24.99, wrap a section of hair round the wand. Repeat for each section of the ponytail. A conical waver works well because it gives an uneven curl.

4 Once the curls have cooled (you can do your make-up while you wait) take the ponytail out and shake out the hair.

d 5 Because beach hair can look dry, apply three droplets of Andrew Barton Gloss Boss Defrizz serum, pounds 4, to the palms of your hands, rub your hands together then stroke your fingers though to the tips. This style works best with a middle parting for that boho beach-tousled look.

Ballerina bun 1 Smooth over the top of the hair with your fingers and spray smooth with hairspray. I love Redken Fashion Work Hairspray, (pounds 10.25, Comb hair into a side parting and tuck the sides behind the ears. p y, rting 2 Pull the hair over to one side of the head into a low side ponytail and secure with a hair bungee. These are kinder to the hair and mean you don't have to pull your hair through a band. re r 3 e Slip a doughnut ring (pounds 4.69, over the ponytail to create some padding. Secure the ring in place with kirby grips so that it won't shift and slide. Spray some hairspray over the ponytail.

r 4 Split the hair in half and arrange one half of the hair over the doughnut and secure with kirby grips. Then take the second section and wrap the other way. d 5 Secure with kirby grips. If you have really long hair, grip the extra length to the bottom of the doughnut ring.

o Half up, 1 half down Pre-step Go through the same procedure as you did for the tousled wave and curl your ponytail. The secret to making this style look modern and sexy is to make it look quite Brigitte Bardot.

3 1 Start at the crown of your head and gently backcomb the hair at the root. Work around the top of the head, taking sections - around three through the top and two sections of the side.

2 Take a section of backcombed hair from one side and pile it high on the crown, securing it with some kirby grips.

3 Do the same on the other side but try not to make it too exact, as you don't want this style to look too neat.

4 Brush though the ends of the hair with a paddle brush (Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush pounds 7.99, and brush out the ends of the hair.

See for the latest trends, advice, salon info, hair tools and hair-care collection. Follow @A_Barton on Twitter.

Catwalk pony 4 This is a classic hair up look and you see it every season on the catwalk. It's a just-off-the-beach style, the ponytail slightly 1950s.

1 The secret is to get your ponytail really high.

This will make it very youthful. Using your fingers like a rake, pull your hair into a high ponytail, but keep the hair loose. To get it really high, try tipping your head upside down.

2 Tie your hair with a bungee (Hair Tools Brown Bunjee Hair Tie Hooks, pounds 2.99, pack of four, wrapping it tightly. A bungee will let you get it tighter and give the hair more support.

5 3 Pull out a little of the ponytail and wrap it round the bungee to cover it. Use pins to secure it.

4 Back-comb the base of the ponytail then comb through to give that Americana look.

5 Use your fingers to tousle the ends of the ponytail, then spray with hairspray.

Pretty plait 1 1 2 Do the first two steps for my tousled beach wave hair style. Then comb your hair into a side parting and leave a section of it around your hair line. This will then be split into three strands that will start a plait.

2 3 4 Plait loosely (you don't want to look like a six-year-old), picking up strands of hair from underneath as you go. Only take hair from below to keep the smoothness on top. A trick is not to do this sitting in front of the mirror. If you have a three-way and can look at yourself in reverse then it will be much easier. Otherwise, get a mate to do it for you - it's actually very easy, as long as they can plait hair. Make sure you keep the plait loose and not tight against your head.

3 Keep doing one continuous plait, moving round to the other side of the hair, leaving out the front section.

4 Put a clear band (250 clear hair bands, pounds 1.99, www. around the end of the plait and then fold it back on itself and grip it to the side of the head with a few kirby grips. Don't worry about getting this neat - it needn't be.
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