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Hole in one.

Our lockers have holes in them, and I was curious to find out if my finger would fit. I walked up to it and put my finger in the hole. It got stuck, and the principal had to call an ambulance. Paramedics cut off the locker and brought me (and the locker) to the hospital. They got my finger out, but not before the yearbook editors snapped a picture of the whole ordeal.

I got my period at school and bled through my pants, so I had to ask my male teacher if I could be excused to the nurse's office. He asked why, and I told him it was personal. He said, "OK. Just write why on a piece of paper so I can sign it as a pass." I took the paper, wrote "bled through pants" and gave it to him. He looked at it, turned bright red and said, "I meant write 'personal' on it." I wanted to cry.

After missing three days of school, my crush asked to borrow my notebook to copy the notes he missed. I gave him my notebooks--history, math, art ... and my journal by mistake. The next morning, he said, "I didn't know there was a whole chapter on me."

I brought in a pastrami cheese ball for a party right before a long holiday. Afterward, I put the leftovers in my locker to take home, but forgot them. While the students were out for vacation, the janitors had to pry open my locker. The ball was totally rotten and had stunk up the school.

I was at play rehearsal. My friend and I had down time so we played Truth or Dare in the hall. I told her the name of my crush, and she told me hers. When we went back in, my crush came up and said, "I didn't know you liked me." They had been testing our mics. Everything had played over the auditorium speakers.

We had Crazy Hair Day at school, so I teased mine out and dyed it blue. Too bad I got the date mixed up--Crazy Hair Day was really the following Friday.

I was the school mascot and needed someone to walk around with me, so I entrusted my crush with the task. It was hard to see outside of the suit, and I didn't know where I was going. I ended up walking right into a door and then into the wall--the first Wildcat in our school's history to do so. My crush was immediately fired.


It was the first day of school, and I saw one of my favorite teachers in the hall. I walked up to con- gratulate her because I noticed she was pregnant. When I said, "Congratulations," she was like, "For what?" I said, "For the baby that's on its way." Turns out she wasn't pregnant.

I was excited about our Homecoming dance and invited my guy friend from camp. People had mentioned it was a "Peter Pan" theme. I assumed we would have to be in costume, so I dressed up as an Indian and my friend, a cute pirate. When we got to the dance, everyone was in formal clothes. No one even noticed what we were until midway through. At least some people thought we looked cute.

I was looking in my locker and thought my best friend had walked up. Without looking, I said to her, "I got my period. Do you have any pads?" She didn't reply, so I turned and was mortified to see my crush right there. Worst part was, he said, "I don't, but if the school has those little machines, I've got a quarter." Humiliating!

I changed into a dress and fake beard for the school play. Everyone was laughing (I thought at my costume!), so I smiled and flashed them a peace sign. Then I felt something strange. I realized my dress was stuck inside my underwear. Yeah, I was flashing my pink and blue undies, too.

I wanted to make sure I looked good before school one morning, so I got out of the car and used the reflection from the car next to me to check. The windows were tinted, and I didn't think anyone was there, so I started adjusting my boobs to make them look better. Suddenly, my crush rolled down the window and shouted, "You're looking really good."

I was in a rush for the bus, so I grabbed a bag of beef jerky my mom left on the counter. During lunch, I whipped it out and started eating it when my friend started laughing. He said he gave his dog that "beef jerky" the night before. I looked down and realized I was eating dog treats. Gross.

I started my period, so I went to the nurse's office to call my mom for some fresh pants. I had to wait there until my mom arrived and, when she did, the lady who works in the front office announced over the loudspeaker that my mom was there with a clean pair of pants.

I was extremely excited about starting in the season's first basketball game, and I wound up getting the tipoff. I ran down the court as fast as I could and made a perfect layup, then headed back up the court with a huge smile on my face. But when I glanced at my boyfriend, he was on the floor laughing. Turns out, I had scored in the wrong basket.

I was at our Halloween dance dressed as Tinker Bell when my cute classmate asked me to slow dance. I was so excited, I actually peed my pants a little. To make matters worse, I had to take a picture and kneel in the bottom row in front of everyone. The guy still calls me "Twinkle Tink." Wet pants or not, I think he likes me.

I had printed out an article on how to become a better kisser and accidentally put it in my binder for school. Thinking it was my Spanish HW, I took it out. My crush was sitting next to me, then leaned over and said, "Hey, that wasn't our assignment." Oops.

We were playing dodge ball in gym class. I threw the ball at my crush and started running. As soon as I turned, I ran smack into the pole of the monkey bars. Ouch! My nickname is still Unicorn because of the bump l had.

I wore the absolute coolest new outfit to school. As I walked down the hall, everyone pointed and whispered. I figured it was because I looked great, but when I went to the bathroom, I saw in the mirror that I had bird poop in my hair. I refused to come out until my teacher came to help me clean the poop off my head.

I was competing in a spelling bee and doing pretty well. That is, until the announcer said a word and instead of responding, "Can you repeat that for me?" I said, "Can you spell that for me?" Everyone in the audience cracked up. By the way, I ended up placing second.
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