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Holden's portable bench rest.

The J.B. Holden Company has recently introduced a shooting stand with features of interest to handloaders, hunters and casual benchrest shooters. Called the Holden Portable Bench Rest Model 50, it's designed to serve both as a rest for shooting from a bench and as a field rest of particular use to varmint hunters.

The Model 50 is constructed of wood and features an adjustable center ram for the fore-end of your rifle or pistol to rest on. The ram is moved up and down by a carriage bolt/spring assembly with adjustments regulated by a diamond-shaped height adjuster. A shallow V is cut into the top of the ram and glued to this is a foam pad that cushions the forearm of your rifle and helps return the forearm to the same position after each shot. A rubber pad is located at the apex of the triangular-shaped rest. This pad is intended as a cushion for your hand or the butt of a handgun being fired from the rest.

The Holden Portable Rest is supported by three threaded steel legs that screw into the bottom of the rest body at each of the three corners. The height of the rest off the bench can be adjusted by turning these legs in and out. Each leg is 4-1/2 inches long and when you have them positioned at a height that suits you, they lock in place with wing nuts. For convenience in carrying the rest to the range or field, the support legs store in a covered cavity in the bottom of the rest. A set of extra long 24-inch legs are available if you want to shoot from a sitting position in the field.

My tests showed the Holden Portable Bench Rest to be an entirely satisfactory rest for field shooting as well as occasional benchrest work. However, when shooting a revolver over this rest the foam support pad on the ram should be covered with a piece of light leather because the blast of hot gas escaping from between the cylinder and barrel will damage the foam. Also, I found that handgun accuracy was best when I elevated the ram and used a small sand bag to support my wrists rather than allowing the butt of the pistol to rest on the thin rubber pad of the rest.

The Holden Portable Bench Rest Model 50 offers the shooter considerable versatility at an affordable price. It's available from the J.B. Holden Company, P.O. Box 320, Dept. GA, Plymouth, MI 48170 and retails for $29.95.
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Author:Milek, Bob
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Date:Sep 1, 1984
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