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Hold the bacon.

IN EARLY FEBRUARY, THE PARENTS of every schoolchild in Antwerp received a surprising letter announcing that pork would henceforth be banned on school trips and that only halal food compliant with Muslim dietary laws would be served. According to the VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster (Feb. 12), many parents in the Belgian city are shocked that their kids now have to dine according to a Muslim menu. Regional education boss Robert Voorhamme of the Flemish Socialist Party defends the move, arguing that ritually slaughtered meat is indistinguishable in taste and nutrition and that the policy will help immigrant children assimilate. He adds, with the superciliousness only a Europolitician can summon up, "We could just as easily have kept this silent."
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Title Annotation:SATELLITE DISH
Author:Cosh, Colby
Publication:Western Standard
Date:Mar 12, 2007
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