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Holby doc heads for Welsh TV.

HEART-THROB Holby City medic Dr Alex Adams will bring his expertise to BBC Wales to play Dr John in Hearts of Gold, we can exclusively reveal today. Gorgeous Jeremy Sheffield, who broke as many hearts as he's healed in the hospital drama, is in the middle of a six-month rest from the medical drama.

And Britain's very own version of George Clooney has been snapped up by BBC Wales for their new network drama.

Hearts of Gold, written by Welsh novelist Catrin Collier, is set in Pontypridd during the 1930s and revolves around the budding romance between a nurse, Bethan, and a doctor, Andrew John, played by Jeremy.

Former ballet-dancer Jeremy, 36, said the pounds 20m drama will be a lot different to the goings-on at Holby City.

He said: ``Playing Dr John will be very different medically.

There was no NHS and there were big class divides in Wales then, depression, and lots of unemployment and poverty.''

Gay icon Jeremy has done stints with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has filmed in Wales on star-cast Merlin and was the hunk who had Natalie Imbruglia in a tizz in her video for Torn.

But Jeremy said he's glad he didn't have the challenge of mastering the Welsh accent for Hearts of Gold.

``I don't need to nail the Welsh accent. Mine is an educated, upper middle class character and so, like families today, I would have been sent to some boarding school somewhere.

``If anything, I'll be just clipping my accent or perhaps taking it up a notch.''

Jeremy's six-month break from Holby was intended to ``test the waters.''

He'll go back in November on another sixmonth contract and he admits he loves playing the part of Dr Alex Adams.

He said: ``The joy about playing a doctor is that they're a crucial part of out lives. We all come across them at times in our lives, when someone is seriously ill or dying or in crisis.

``Doctors almost take on the voice of God, saying yes, we can heal this person, or no, we can't. That must be the reason medical drama carries on and continues to be so popular.''


GOLDEN BOY: Sheffield
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 11, 2002
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