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Hogue Grips for the Bisley.

As stated elsewhere, Brownell's Bisley Conversion Kit for the Ruger Blackhawk comes with everything needed except the grip panels. I could have ordered some standard Ruger grips for my newly converted single-action, but decided to opt for something a little fancier. A call to Hogue resulted in two sets of Bisley grip panels for evaluation; one set in rosewood laminate and one in white micarta.

The rosewood grips are a little dressier than the factory walnut grips offered by Ruger, with contrasting dark streaks set against the deep redwood color. But they are not so fancy as to label you a dude at the next shooting match. The lamination process also makes for a very tough grip and is not as prone to cracking as conventional wood. The impregnation of resin necessary to bond the layers of rosewood together should also make them highly weather-resistant for guns used under tough field conditions.

The White Micarta grips are a rich cream color and exhibit no grain. No one is likely to mistake them for real ivory but they are attractive and contrast well with the blued gun. And, where genuine ivory is delicate, micarta, a phenolic resin base laminate, will take most any abuse you can dish out.

The fit of the grips to frame was good but, of course, not perfect. Hogue CNC machines each grip and final finishes them by hand to an actual gun frame but firearm dimensions do vary. The only way to insure a perfect fit is to lay out the bucks for a custom fitting.

The toughest choice in choosing a Hogue grip is often deciding from the many materials available. In addition to micarta and assorted polymers and laminates, grips for the Bisley, for example, can be had in the following fancy hardwoods; coco bola, ebony, goncalo, kingwood, pau ferro, rosewood, tulipwood, and walnut. Whichever grip you choose, it will be delivered with a money-back guarantee from a reputable family-owned business.

Suggested Retail Price: Rosewood Laminate $34.95 White Micarta $64.95

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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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