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Hizbullah has 40,000 Missiles.

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

I know we Jews don't seem to learn from history but, just in case here is an awakening:

We are informed by DEBKAfile that Hizbullah has quadrupled its stock of Katyusha missiles to 40,000 since the 34-day Lebanon War of July-August of 2006. Hizbullah's rocket arsenal is 3=BD times its pre-2006 Lebanon War stockpile. Some of the 40,000 rockets of Syrian and Iranian manufacture can hit Israeli targets as far south as Beersheva, 350 km. (217 miles) away from the Shi'ite terror group's launching pads north of Lebanon's Litani River.

Between Hizbullah in the north and Hamas south in Gaza, these two Iranian surrogates can cover most of Israel except for Eilat. Syria has shipped to Hizbullah quantities of anti-air weapons, including shoulder-borne rockets and scores of Russian-made anti-aircraft ZSU-100 automatic 14.4 mm caliber cannon, effective against low-flying aircraft, helicopters and drones.

Syria is massing three army divisions on the Lebanese border backed by pro-Syrian Palestinian factions in the Beqa'a Valley of Lebanon. Hassan Nasrallah declared Hizbullah will wage "open war" with Israel at the end of their 40-day mourning period for Imad Mughniyeh who was killed in Damascus February 12. Monday, The Israeli army is on high alert for a possible Hizbullah attack from Lebanon. Magen David Adom ambulance service is on emergency across the country.

As in other centuries of the past and present, evil men have stalked the earth, courting power, valuables and the obedience of all others. Today we have such would-be tyrants as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud Abbas, Muhammad Dahlan, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Assad, and other Muslim dictator/terrorist leaders - and Ehud Olmert - whose weakness as a leader creates in him a tyrant, under orders from others whom he obeys. Putin of Russia grows more dictatorial by the day as he supplies Iran with nuclear technology and fuel.

We just heard Vice President Dick Cheney say that the U.S. won't ask Israel to risk her safety while, in the same breath he recommends the Bush-Rice "Two-State Solution". The "Second State" is to be carved out of Israel's mid-section. Bush, Rice, James Baker and Cheney already know that the Muslim "Jihadists" will never give Israel a day of peace and will fire their rockets and missiles from that second state if we ever allow it to be torn out of Israel's ancient homeland.

Olmert stood there like the dummy he is and will always be, at Cheney's side and nodded in agreement. The idea that the Bush administration will not risk Israel's safety and sovereignty when it already has and continues to do so - is simply another Big Lie!

Most military analysts assume that President Bush is waiting and hoping that Iran will make its first move against Israel so then Bush can unleash American air and sea power to "defend" Israel. But, by that time, Israel will be a smoking ruin, God forbid. Then there will be time only for more memorial museums to commemorate the brave Israeli people.


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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Mar 25, 2008
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