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Hitz, Navarrette accidently summon the devil, raise the dead by reading from wicked book.

NEWBERG, OR -- An Oregon skate trip turned creepy when Sam Hitz and Darren Navarrette messed around with some evil, ancient scriptures and raised both the devil himself and a horde of living dead. Hitz had found a first-edition Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) at a Glenn Danzig garage sale and took it with him on the trip. One night, on a rowdy whim, with the campfire crackling and some Slayer blaring, Hitz shouted an indecipherable passage from the book. Navarrette described it as sounding like, "Ogrhl-didda-da-bum-borghl!" Astonishingly, by random luck, Hitz had accurately pronounced a demonic hymn never before uttered by a human tongue. It was a gateway chant that allowed Lucifer and an undead posse to enter our realm. After overcoming their fears, the skaters approached Satan and gave him free Creature gear and talked about music for awhile. The rest of the night consisted of pulling party pranks on the dim-witted walking dead, such as tying their shoelaces together and that thing where someone gets pushed over someone kneeling behind them.
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Date:May 1, 2007
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