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HitsIntoLeads from Netmining Turns Website Visitors into Sales Leads.

Compaq Generates, Through HitsIntoLeads, 30 Percent New Leads Via Its

European Websites

LEUVEN, Belgium, July 10 /PRNewswire/ --

Netmining, developer of software for e-business intelligence, has launched HitsIntoLeads: a software application that collects demographic and profile data about website visitors in a B2B environment, and processes it into information that can be used to identify potential customers. HitsIntoLeads has already been used, to good purpose, by the IT multinational Compaq.

"HitsIntoLeads offers companies a brand-new and valuable source for target customers which was already latent, in the Netmining package," said Maarten Van Laere, Netmining's CEO. "Profile information about visitors to a company's website is, infrequently collected or used, notwithstanding the fact that many new and interested leads use that same website as an information- and interaction platform. Furthermore, the information from HitsIntoLeads can be linked to the CRM data (Customer Relationship Management) that the company collected previously -- via face-to-face contact, by phone, fax or e-mail -- and considerably enhance the CRM database in the process."

That the profile data collected by HitsIntoLeads does actually lead to more pitch successes and higher sales figures has been demonstrated in practice at Compaq. That multinational has, across Europe, an indirect distribution channel and several call centers. In a pathfinding project, HitsIntoLeads was used for 8 months at several of the company's European websites. No fewer than 30 percent of the sales leads collected over the Web had, till then, been unknown to Compaq. The actual closing of those leads ends in 67 percent of the cases in a definite sale, which is twice as many as with conventional leads. Of all the e-business investments that Compaq has made, HitsIntoLeads is one of the most successful.

Leuven-based technology

HitsIntoLeads consists entirely of in-house technology from Netmining. The software application is installed on top of a company's Internet servers. There it forms a central layer that tracks every single web visitor and sends the data to the HIL qualification module. This module segments and scores visitor profiles. Every HIL customer can set his own qualification rules to his true business. Not all his business contacts will, after all, be equally commercially attractive. A trial version can be downloaded at .

Contact: Maarten Van Laere of Netmining, +32-16-39-48-10, or .

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Date:Jul 10, 2001
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