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On October 29th Master Corporal Byron Greff became the 158th Canadian soldier killed while serving in Afghanistan. The 28-year-old was a member of the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and deployed as part of Canada's ongoing commitment to train Afghan National Army recruits. A native of Lacombe, Alberta, Greffleaves behind his wife Lindsay and two young children.

Greff was travelling in an armoured bus transiting between the NATO headquarters and the Afghan training facility in Kabul when a Taliban suicide bomber targeted the vehicle. The resultant blast killed Greff along with 13 other NATO trainers and three Afghans. It was one of the deadliest attacks mounted by the Taliban inside the Afghan capital since they weir toppled from power in 2001.

Although Canada officially ended the combat mission in Afghanistan last July, Greff's death illustrates that the subsequent training mission--even if conducted behind the wire--will not be without deadly risk. Canada has committed to deploy approximately 950 military trainers through 2014. Most of the personnel will be based in Kabul, with smaller contingents in Mazar-i Sharif and Herat.

The staff at Esprit de Corps wish to extend their condolences to the family, friends and comrades of MCpl. Byron Greff.


Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie may have retired from the Canadian Forces but it will still benefit from his leadership. LGen. Leslie has been elected the chairman of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association's newly formed board of directors.

The RCAA, founded in 1876, is an advocacy and support group consisting predominantly of serving and former members of the Royal Canadian Artillery. This group is in the process of transformation to enable it to better meet the needs of the RCA of the [] century. Part of this transformation was to create a board of directors. This board will observe, and advocate on behalf of all gunners at the national and industrial levels and provide oversight to the RCA executive.

This oversight will, in turn, ensure a more active and revitalized RCAA for three main purposes: (1) The board of directors will be the point of contact for the Conference of Defence Association as well as the Conference of Defence Association Institute; (2) it will provide the necessary governance; and (3) it will allow the RCAA executive to stay focused on current RCAA issues which require more immediate action.

In order to fulfil its assigned responsibilities the board of directors is comprised of senior gunners, both serving and retired. LGen. Leslie's previous work as head of Canadian Forces Transformation and his long-standing support and affiliation with the gunner family bodes well for the RCAA and will keep us focused on the challenges ahead.


Following their attendance this past September as guest speakers at an international military law conference in Rhodes, Greece, hosted by the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War., which was attended by representatives of 36 countries, the Honourable Mr. Justice Gilles Letourneau and Professor Michel Drapeau paid a visit to the Turkish Military High Court (criminal jurisdiction) in Ankara on October 4, 2011.

Their visit was aimed at gaining a first-hand understanding of the recent developments in military law abroad, particularly the civilianization of military tribunals, as is the case in Germany, France, Belgium as well as the civilianization of the position of judge advocate general, as is currently the case in countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Upon their return to Canada, Justice Letourneau and Professor Drapeau hosted the launch of their new book Military Law In Action at the Canadian War Museum. The book launch was attended by His Excellency the Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada the Right Honourable David Johnson, who circulated amongst the approximately 125 guests with a copy of the 1,900-page tome under his arm.

Speaking at the event were Mr. Justice Ian Binnie, who just retired from the Supreme Court of Canada, Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard, Court Martial Appeal Court, and Mr. Richard Pound, senior partner at Stikeman Elliott (Montreal) and former vice-president of the International Olympic Committee.
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