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Hitler escapes assassination attempt; RETRO REPORT Howwe covered...

Byline: Edited by Tony Wodway

AN attempt to assassinate Hitlerwith high explosiveswas made yesterday. The Fuehrer, said an official Berlin announcement, escaped with "slight burns and concussion," but three of his followers, including Lieutenant-General Schmundt (head of the personnel department of the German Army and Hitler's chief military aide-de-camp for several years), were seriously injured.

Six other generals, among whom was Colonel-General Alfred Jodl, chief of Hitler's personal staff, and two admirals were included in a list of those who suffered "slight injuries."

The newswas first circulated by the German News Agency.

Nearly half-an-hour later the official announcement from Hitler's headquarters was introduced in the German home radio network in these dramatic terms: "Achtung. We are broadcasting an important announcement.



Speaking on the German radioearlytodayHitler said: "For the third time an attempt onmy life has been planned and carried out. If I speak to you today it is in order that you should hear my voice and that you should know that I am unhurt and well.

"A very small clique of ambitious, irresponsible, and, at the same time, senseless and criminally-stupid officers have formed a plot to eliminate me and the Wehrmacht command.

"The bomb which was placed by Count von Stauffenberg, exploded two metres from my right hand side. A number of collaborators very dear to me were very severely injured. One has died.

"I myself am not hurt - only a few scratches and some burns."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 22, 2008
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