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Hitachi Data Systems Announces Unique Year 2000 Offerings.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 1997--Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) today announced the industry's first hardware-based Year 2000 products. Offered exclusively with the HDS Voyager Family(tm) of HDS Skyline Series(tm) and HDS Pilot Series(tm) enterprise processors, these proprietary technologies aid customers in the audit of conversion efforts and assist in validation of the effectiveness of changes that have already been made.

The Year 2000 products are the initial offerings in HDS' Run Time eXtensions (RTX) Environment(tm). The first offering, HDS RTX Time Machine(tm), provides run-time assistance for the assessment and validation of potentially Year 2000-susceptible code or date-sensitive code. Since Time Machine is operating at the object-code level, no source code is required, further extending the customer's ability to identify suspect Year 2000-susceptible code.

HDS RTX Time Warp(tm), the second offering, acts as a "safety net" giving users time to find the best solution for their Year 2000 compliance issues. Time Warp captures customer-defined Year 2000 stop points during program execution. Once these points have been captured, Time Warp decides -- based on preset criteria -- whether to remediate instruction results or condition code. This is expected to allow some Year 2000 non-compliant batch and started tasks to continue running into the next century, until the best solution is determined by the customer's remediation team.

Peter de Jager, international Year 2000 expert, said "Customers looking at significant time and money outlays to bring themselves into Year 2000 compliance need to be aware of the whole spectrum of available products and tools. HDS is the first to explore a hardware tool to aid in the Year 2000 project. As such, they offer new, unique capabilities which we can exploit to help correct this problem."

HDS HiSolve-2000(sm)

Originally announced in June 1996, the HDS HiSolve-2000 Year 2000 assessment offering complements the RTX Environment and consists of: The HDS Readiness Review service which helps quantify the impact and risk to the enterprise of not being Year 2000-compliant; the HDS Assessment 2000 service which reviews the custom-developed applications to help determine the scope of the problem and provides input for planning the solution; The HDS ISV Agent 2000 service which evaluates the independent software vendor (ISV) products used in the enterprise and suggests a plan to achieve Year 2000 compliance; and The HDS IT Infrastructure Assessment 2000 service which evaluates the IT infrastructure and identifies some of the actions needed to support the remediation process.

HDS TimeTraveler

HDS TimeTraveler microcode for the HDS 7700 Scalable Array(tm) storage subsystem enables customers to non-disruptively create copies of their S/390 data to be used for backups, Year 2000 testing, application development, or any other activities that require copies of their data. Hitachi Concurrent Processing Facility (HCPF) and Hitachi Volume Relocation (HVR) are extensions to Hitachi Remote Copy (HRC) and are available for both local or remote 7700 subsystems.

HRC automates the duplication of current production data from a primary site to a remote site, and helps to ensure that mission-critical data is safe, secure, and current. HCPF and HVR were designed to address Year 2000 testing issues, and allow an application to test with real data, not simulated data. TimeTraveler allows users to create an image copy of current data which can then be applied to new or modified applications. TimeTraveler is available immediately on all 7700 storage Subsystems.

All HDS storage products are certified Year 2000-compliant.


General availability of RTX Time Machine and RTX Time Warp for Skyline is 3Q97 and 4Q97, respectively. Pilot availability is scheduled for 4Q97. HiSolve-2000 is available immediately.

About HDS

Hitachi Data Systems markets, worldwide, a broad range of information processing solutions, including enterprise servers, storage subsystems, peripheral products, and professional services. Owned by Hitachi, Ltd. and EDS, HDS has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. For online information about HDS' products and services, access on the World Wide Web. -0-

Note to Editors: HDS Voyager Family, HDS Skyline Series, HDS Pilot Series, HDS Run Time eXtensions (RTX) Environment, HDS RTX Time Machine, HDS RTX Time Warp, and HDS 7700 Scalable Array are trademarks of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation.

HDS HiSolve-2000 is a service mark of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation.

All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify, products or services of their respective owners.

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Date:May 13, 1997
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