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Hitachi America Announces 24-Hour Advance Exchange Program for Hard Drives; Fastest Response In Industry Reinforces Company's Commitment To Provide World-Class Support To Its Mass Storage Customers.

BRISBANE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1996--Hitachi America, Ltd. today announced a 24-Hour Advance Exchange Program for its hard disk drive customers. Supporting a company wide commitment to deliver world-class products and support, the program assures simple and fast replacement service for all direct Hitachi America 2.5-in. disk drive customers.

Under the new program, a single, toll-free phone call from a Hitachi OEM, integrator or distribution customer authorizes shipment of a replacement drive within 24-hours. This is the fastest turnaround time available in the disk drive industry, and it is provided at no cost for direct customers with in-warranty drives. After Hitachi ships a replacement, the customer simply returns the original drive within 10 days, with freight pre-paid both ways by Hitachi. Additionally, end-users or out-of-warranty customers can use the same toll-free number and, by payment with credit card or invoice, have replacement drives shipped within five days of notification.

"Hitachi is dedicated to delivering 'Best-of-Class' products and customer support programs to its U.S. mass storage customers," said Ken Edoff, Senior Sales and Marketing Director for Hitachi America's Peripheral Sales & Marketing Department. "With 24-Hour Advance Exchange, we are raising the bar for standard service in the disk drive market, and we will back our commitment to the customer with new programs in the future."

Designed to assure Hitachi customers that they will receive the level of disk drive support required to succeed in today's competitive environment, 24-Hour Advance Exchange will be available to Hitachi's direct 2.5-in. drive customers beginning in November.

Hitachi, which has manufactured hard disk drives for 30 years, shipped its first 2.5-in. disk drives in 1994. The company is now one of the top five worldwide suppliers of drives in this form factor and is projected by Dataquest to achieve 10 percent market share in calendar 1996. The company's latest 2.5-in. drives, with 1.44 GB and 2.16 GB capacities, incorporate MR head and PRML read channel technology to deliver desktop storage capacity and performance to the mobile computing market. Introduced during the last 60 days, these drives expand Hitachi's notebook form factor portfolio for the OEM and reseller markets to include capacity points from 810 MB to 2.16 GB. All of the drives are marketed through a direct sales force and distributors, including Marshall Industries, Western Micro Technology and Consan, Inc.

The Computer Division of Hitachi America, Ltd. sells high-capacity small disk drives through its Peripheral Sales & Marketing Department. The Computer Division is part of Hitachi America's Converging Technologies Group, which markets a broad range of electronic hardware and software products, including semiconductors, storage devices, printers, monitors and flat panel displays.

Hitachi America, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Japan, markets and manufactures a broad range of electronics, computer systems and products, and provides industrial equipment and services throughout the United States. Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's leading electronics company, with fiscal 1995 consolidated sales (ending March 31, 1996), of $76.6 billion. The company markets and manufactures a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products, and power and industrial equipment.

CONTACT: Hitachi America, Ltd.

Werner Glinka, 415/244-7630

Cynthia Huey, 415/244-7846


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Matthew Schmidt, 415/691-1488


READER CONTACT: 800-HITACHI (800-448-2244)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 28, 1996
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