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The History of Employee Assistance Programs in the United States. Masi, Dale Oct 1, 2020 2560
Dramatic Networks: Marginalized Economics and Labour in the Norwich Grocers' Play. Stoyanoff, Jeffery G. Critical essay Dec 1, 2018 7853
A "unique experiment": the Ontario Labour Court, 1943-1944. Munro, Katherine Report Sep 22, 2014 21694
Doing without the boss: workers' control experiments in Australia in the 1970s. Burgmann, Verity; Jureidini, Ray; Burgmann, Meredith Nov 1, 2012 10873
<< C'est le peuple qui est maitre ; nous sommes les maitres a Quebec >> : La greve des ouvriers des travaux publics, juin 1878. Mathieu, Jean-Philip Sep 22, 2012 9539
Arbitration or collaboration? The Australasian Society of Engineers in South Australia, 1904-68. Saunders, Malcolm; Lloyd, Neil Essay Nov 1, 2011 13348
Genese et mutation de la Loi sur les decrets de convention collective au Quebec (1934-2010). Rouillard, Jacques Essay Sep 22, 2011 12866
What comes after New Labour? New Labour was one response to the weaknesses of labourism. Is there a better one? Hassan, Gerry Report Jun 22, 2010 4458
Modernizing the colonial labor subject in India. DeSousa, Valerian Report Jun 1, 2010 7275
The New South Wales railway commissioners' strategic pre-planning for the mass strike of 1917. Tierney, Robert Essay May 1, 2010 9256
Australian [mis]treatment of indigenous labour in World War II Papua and New Guinea. Riseman, Noah Essay May 1, 2010 11768
The long, angry summer of '43: labour relations in Quebec's shipbuilding industry. Pritchard, James Report Mar 22, 2010 12479
'Harmony ... between the employer and employed': employer support for union formation in Brisbane, 1857-90. Bowden, Bradley Nov 1, 2009 9963
Labour History in the new century. Franks, Peter Conference news Nov 1, 2009 1145
Private detectives, blacklists and company unions: anti-union employer strategy & Australian labour history. Cooper, Rae; Patmore, Greg Nov 1, 2009 6453
Silicosis, mechanisation and the demise of Sydney's rockchoppers' union, 1908-18. Sheldon, Peter Nov 1, 2009 12832
Anti-union or pro-property? Worker surveillance and gold theft in Western Australian gold mines, 1899-1920. Segal, Naomi Nov 1, 2009 9311
Employee participation and labour representation: ICI works councils in Australia, 1942-75. Markey, Raymond; Patmore, Greg Nov 1, 2009 11642
CRA/Rio Tinto in the 1990s: a decade of deunionisation. Mackinnon, Bruce Hearn Nov 1, 2009 11335
How many of these are anti-union practices? A US perspective. Strauss, George Nov 1, 2009 3716
The changing role of the state: regulating work in Australia and New Zealand 1788-2007. Anderson, Gordon; Quinlan, Michael Report Nov 1, 2008 11511
The politics of the Ontario Labour Relations Act: business, labour, and government in the consolidation of post-war industrial relations, 1949-1961. Smith, Charles W. Sep 22, 2008 18211
Labor strike in Chinatown--official statements of parties involved: Chinese Digest, April 1938. Jan 1, 2008 1714
Organized labour and constitutional reform under Mulroney. Savage, Larry Sep 22, 2007 15430
Revolution in Winnipeg. Grant, Hugh Sep 22, 2007 4201
Searching for workers' solidarity: the one big union and the Victoria General Strike of 1919. Isitt, Benjamin Sep 22, 2007 17261
Moscow rules? 'Red' unionism and 'Class Against Class' in Britain, Canada, and the United States, 1928-1935. Manley, John Sep 22, 2005 21272
At the Nexus of labor and leisure: baseball, nativism, and the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Bachin, Robin F. Jun 22, 2003 11709
Rough manhood: the aggressive and confrontational shop culture of U.S. auto workers during World War II. Meyer, Steve Sep 22, 2002 12214
Labour/Le Travail and Canadian working-class history: a view from afar. (Labour/Le Travail at 50: Views from Afar). Burgmann, Verity Sep 22, 2002 8091
Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: knowledge and ethnicity in labour history. (Labour/Le Travail: a Canadian Retrospective--Class, Gender, and Nation). Ferland, Jacques Sep 22, 2002 7108
By necessity or by right: the language and experience of gender at work. Christie, Nancy Sep 22, 2002 16661
The West wants in: regionalism, class, and Labour/Le Travail, 1976-2002. Bright, David Sep 22, 2002 6649
Ireland. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). O'Connor, Emmet Sep 22, 2002 2496
Brazil. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). Fortes, Alexandre Sep 22, 2002 2230
Australia. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). Patmore, Greg Sep 22, 2002 3066
Did manual workers want industrial welfare? Canteens, latrines and masculinity on British building sites 1918-1970. Hayes, Nick Mar 22, 2002 10281
Freedom is a constant struggle. (Special Feature: Introduction). Miller, Mike Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 935
The decline of unionism in America's meatpacking industry. Horowitz, Roger Mar 22, 2002 2514
Chicago: a portrait and brief history. Elson, Mary Mar 22, 2002 1360
The Chicago stockyards on the eve of the CIO (1936). Orear, Leslie F. Mar 22, 2002 1462
Lessons of the post WW-2 U.S. soldiers' movement: the 1945/46 strikes. May, David Mar 22, 2002 1609
Race, ethnicity, neighborhood and class: the yeasty Chicago brew. Mar 22, 2002 4553
When unions "mattered": The impact of strikes on financial markets, 1925-1937. Dinardo, John; Hallock, Kevin F. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 9384
Pluralism or fragmentation? The twentieth-century employment law regime in Canada. Fudge, Judy; Tucker, Eric Sep 22, 2000 26327
Fighting the sweatshop in Depression Ontario: capital, labour and the Industrial Standards Act. Klee, Marcus Mar 22, 2000 19702
From dust to dust to dust: Asbestos and the struggle for worker health and safety at Bendix Automotive. Storey, Robert; Lewchuk, Wayne Mar 22, 2000 19639
Building traditions of inquiry and transforming labour-academic collaboration at the union local: case studies of workers' research and education. Sawchuk, Peter H. Mar 22, 2000 8400
Prairie Fire: the Winnipeg General Strike. Korneski, Kurt Mar 22, 2000 3454
Prairie Fire fizzles. Naylor, James; Mitchell, Tom Mar 22, 2000 1621
How the Wagner Act came to be: a prospectus. St. Antoine, Theodore J. Aug 1, 1998 5118
Paternalism and pink collars: gender and federal employee relations, 1941-50. Rung, Margaret C. Sep 22, 1997 12113
"Business without a boss": the Columbia Conserve Company and workers' control, 1917-1943. Bussel, Robert Sep 22, 1997 9883
Copper and the class struggle (Race and labor in western copper; Copper crucible; Recast labor-management relations in America). Mouat, Jeremy Mar 22, 1997 3610
Making of Western labor radicals: Denver's organized workers, 1878-1905. Book Review Mar 22, 1997 1541
Does America still work? On the turbulent energies of the new capitalism. Jeffery, Clara; Noer, David M. Panel Discussion May 1, 1996 6506
From exit to voice in shopfloor governance: the case of company unions. Fairris, David Dec 22, 1995 12999
Improving workplace performance: historical and theoretical contexts. Parks, Susan May 1, 1995 9259
Labor history, industrial relations, and the crisis of American labor. Brody, David Oct 1, 1989 7626
Cyrus S. Ching: pioneer in industrial peacemaking; as a manager, and later as a government executive, Ching pointed the way to a cooperative system of labor relations by showing that differences are much more easily resolved when reason, rather than rancor, prevails. Raskin, A.H. Biography Aug 1, 1989 11134
Corporatism in comparative perspective: the impact of the First World War on American and British labor relations. Gerber, Larry G. Mar 22, 1988 10935
The Du Pont experiments in scientific management: efficiency and safety, 1911-1919. Stabile, Donald R. Sep 22, 1987 8482
Laboring on the periphery: management and workers at the A.M. Byers Company, 1900-1956. Santos, Michael W. Mar 22, 1987 9144
Undercover and underground: labor spies and mine management in the early twentieth century. Hyde, Charles K. Mar 22, 1986 10953

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