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Le Grande Puissance: thirty years ago, the Browning High Power was the dominant large-capacity 9mm pistol. Now it may appeal primarily to nostalgia fans, but Kokalis says it makes for a fascinating collector field. Kokalis, Peter G. Mar 20, 2013 3894
.30 Luger. Shell, Bob Oct 1, 2012 352
The CZ Pistole vz.52: a rarity during cold war times, this roller-locked autoloader is now quite common in the hands of U.S. pistol shooters. Scarlata, Paul Jun 20, 2012 2651
SIG SAUER P210 legend: a great classic revised, reborn and brought up to speed. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 20, 2012 4932
New-wave Walther: that's pistol with a "P": the German-made PPQ has been thoroughly tweaked and tailored for American handgunners. Sweeney, Patrich Sep 21, 2011 2129
Slim-line They're back! Pistols like the Ruger LC9 and Kimber Solo provide 9mm power in a pocket pistol envelope, but Campbell says even service-size single-stack 9s are worth a look. Campbell, R.W. Apr 10, 2011 1911
Foreign 1911 pistols colts, copies & clones: it may be America's favorite pistol, but the M1911 has served effectively with both friends and enemies around the globe. Scarlata, Paul Mar 20, 2011 5825
Sistema Model 1927: Argentina was one of the few foreign countries to appreciate--and adopt--something American shooters take for granted: the great Government Model 1911. James, Garry Feb 1, 2011 1095
Liberator reborn the historic and mysterious World-War-II-era FP-45 makes a comeback: it was one of the cheapest guns ever made, but getting your hands on an original is far from cheap. Now there's a well-made reproduction. Kokalis, Peter G. Feb 1, 2011 4039
Identification and values. Oct 19, 2010 1504
A century of excellence: the 1911 has been America's pistol for 100 years and is still going strong. Sweeney, Patrick Aug 1, 2010 2359
Where it all began: the influence of Frank Pachmayr's classic Combat Special is still evident in today's tricked-out 1911s. And Paul Liebenberg is carrying on the tradition. Rodriguez, Greg Jul 28, 2010 1538
Pistols and paper trails. Venola, Richard Viewpoint essay May 21, 2010 790
P.38 Masterpiece or misfit? Part II--The postwar era. Kokalis, Peter G May 20, 2010 4621
P.38 Masterpiece or misfit? It's stood in the shadow of the Luger and M1911, but Kokalis says that with almost 1.2 million produced, the P.38 has to rank near the top of the World War II pistol list. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 20, 2010 7296
Pistole 1904: the most dangerous Luger part 2. Kokalis, Peter G. Mar 10, 2010 1579
Complete meltdown: SIG Sauer P229 SAS Gen 2: SIG pistols are known for accuracy and reliability, but haven't always been the most concealable. This version makes it easy to stash your SIG. Kokalis, Peter G. May 20, 2009 3785
Savage: the Art Deco pistol. Kokalis, Peter G. Feb 10, 2009 2839
Before the submachine gun: firepower with the Lange Pistole 08: the artillery Luger remains a much sought-after collector piece, but Kokalis says German soldiers often tossed them in the mud when bullets started flying. Kokalis, Peter G. Feb 1, 2009 2226
Kimber stainless Gold Match II .40 S&W: the team from Yonkers offers variations on the Browning theme. Johnston, Phil W. Aug 1, 2006 1185
Questions & Answers. Arnold, Dave Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 596
The Colt Model 1900 Auto Pistol. Shimek, Robert T. Mar 1, 2000 1785
Seecamp .380. SPEIR, DEAN Mar 1, 2000 3859
Asking The Right Questions. Anderson, David Poole Nov 1, 1999 619
Mauser "broomhandle" Boer War to star wars. James, Garry Jun 1, 1985 2709

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