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The Settler Order Framework: Rethinking Canadian Working-Class History. Burrill, Fred Author abstract Mar 22, 2019 282
The Settler Order Framework: Rethinking Canadian Working-Class History. Burrill, Fred Mar 22, 2019 11923
Recent studies in Canadian labour history from the Great Depression into the 21st Century. Camfield, David Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 7850
The clerical proletariat: the underemployed scribe and vocational crisis. Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn Essay Jan 1, 2014 12392
The Lost Causes of E. P. Thompson. Chakrabarty, Dipesh Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 2673
Who now reads E.P. Thompson? Or, (Re)reading The Making at UQAM. Fahrni, Magda Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 2857
A definitive 'and fookin' amen to that! Levine, David Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 3121
Eugene A. Forsey Prize: in Canadian labour and working-class history/Prix Eugene A. Forsey: en histoire Canadienne du travail et de la classe ouvriere. Mar 22, 2012 844
Mary Hutton and the development of a working-class women's political poetics. Timney, Meagan Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 9614
Friendly society discipline and charity in late-Victorian and Edwardian England. Prom, Christopher J. Dec 22, 2010 8966
From the Labour Question to the Labour History Question. Pearson, Chad Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 17024
Feminist working class history in Europe and beyond. Brigden, Cathy Conference notes May 1, 2009 1036
The saga of History 492: the transformation of working-class history in one classroom. Barrett, Jim; Koenker, Diane P. Mar 22, 2008 11193
Internationalizing working-class history since the 1970s: challenges from historiography, archives, and the web. Harzig, Christiane; Hoerder, Dirk Essay Jan 1, 2008 6464
Writing modern selves: literacy and the French working class in the early nineteenth century. Rowe, Steven E. Sep 22, 2006 15224
"Moving on," men and the changing character of interwar working-class neighborhoods: from the files of the Manchester and Liverpool City Police. Klein, Joanne Dec 22, 2004 7898
Teaching class: labor and working-class history in the U.S. survey. Storch, Randi Mar 22, 2004 4123
Respectable mediocrity: the everyday life of an ordinary American striver, 1876-1890. Wills, Jocelyn Dec 22, 2003 15743
"On the border of snakeland": evolutionary psychology and plebeian violence in industrial Chicago, 1875-1920. Adler, Jeffrey S. Mar 22, 2003 9813
Working-Class Public History in the Context of Deindustrialization: Dilemmas of Authority and the Possibilities of Dialogue (1). (Presentation/Presentation). Frisch, Michael Mar 22, 2003 5607
Labour/Le Travail and Canadian working-class history: a view from afar. (Labour/Le Travail at 50: Views from Afar). Burgmann, Verity Sep 22, 2002 8091
History -- of the Inspirational Kind. SMITH, DOUG Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 787
Labour on Line. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 222
Feminism and the making of Canadian working-class history: exploring the past, present and future. Sangster, Joan Sep 22, 2000 18870
Art and industrial society: the role of the Toronto Mechanic's Institute in the promotion of art, 1831-1883. Ramsay, Ellen L. Mar 22, 1999 15618
The labour market. Dec 1, 1997 1629
The making of the U.S. working class. Braverman, Harry Nov 1, 1994 7359
To love, honour and obey: wife-battering in working-class Montreal, 1869-79. Harvey, Kathryn Jun 1, 1990 9375
Labor history, industrial relations, and the crisis of American labor. Brody, David Oct 1, 1989 7626
Solidarity and Fragmentation: Working People and Class Consciousness in Detroit, 1875-1900. Lazerow, Jama Book Review Jan 1, 1988 2534
Trade unions mirror society in conflict between collectivism and individualism. Kessler-Harris, Alice Aug 1, 1987 3408
The extension of solidarity conflicts with the spirit of individualism. Dubofsky, Melvyn Aug 1, 1987 907
Unions' struggle to survive goes beyond modern technology. Nelson, Daniel Biography Aug 1, 1987 3403
Elements of paradox in U.S. labor history. Brody, David Aug 1, 1987 1823
American labor history: a conspiracy of silence? Rosenzweig, Roy Aug 1, 1987 2006
Undercover and underground: labor spies and mine management in the early twentieth century. Hyde, Charles K. Mar 22, 1986 10953

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